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    Managing Your Personal Finances

    I was married for more than 40 years. As you get older, you start to think about your mortality. I knew one day that one of us would transition before the other, I just didn’t consider it would be so soon. In my mind I always considered the possibility, because tomorrow is not a promise, but my heart said, separation by death probably would not happen for many years. There’s more I could share, but I only mentioned my loss because it leads up to what many Seniors have neglected to do. This message is to my Single Senior Sisters, because if you are a married Senior Sister, you probably…

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    Best Coffee Maker Reviews

    What difference does it make what type or what brand of coffee maker you use? I used to think that way, and I’m starting to change my thinking.   I’ve used various coffee makers, and it’s the amount of water, coffee measure, and the coffee maker that makes a great tasting cup of coffee. My best coffee maker reviews are based on my experience.  I receive emails everyday that keep me updated on what’s happening in the coffee makers’ industry. What I Like About You (Coffee) I love my cup of coffee in the morning! I’m hooked on Hazelnut flavored cream and I do not add sugar (cream is sweet enough). …


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