A Woman of Grace

There is truly something special about a woman of grace.  In this world of Kardashians and Kardashians wannabe’s, be a GRACE.

I’m not knocking those lovely Kardashians,  they really have a lot going for them.  I don’t know why this is, but they seem to be the butt of jokes.

Doris Day

It was night– I just happened to be watching A&E Biography. While working at my computer, I looked up long enough to watch the biography of Doris Day. How I loved watching her in musicals and comedy love stories.

I learned some interesting facts about this star who I admired a lot. She was the wholesome girl next door. She was even referred to as the forever virgin. I understood what they meant. If you’ve seen as many of her shows as I have, you’d understand as well.

When Movies Were Prim and Proper

Remember when sitcoms showed married couples in a bedroom scene — the beds were always twin beds. In some old classic movies, they even had separate rooms.

At the time I was rather young, but this really confused me.  My parents, when they were together had one big bed….same for my grandparents. 

Back when good morals were still alive and active, television had rules against anything resembling impropriety. What a difference a few decades made.

Television was and still is a big influencer, and when you are very young you can confuse reality with entertainment. After watching shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, I thought women cooked and did housework in heels, nice dresses, pearl necklaces, hair and makeup in place.

Evenutally, we grow up and we learn and understand more about life.

The Sexual Revolution Changed Movies and Television

When Doris Day began her rise to fame, audiences loved her — they loved the way she looked, and she could sing and act.

At the rise of the 60s sexual revolution, her type of wholesome movies’ popularity began to wane. While Marilyn Monroe’s sexuality bought her fame, Doris Day never changed the type of roles she stared in, in order to keep up with the sexual revolution. Yes, she went from musicals, to romantic comedies and some serious drama, but wholesome is still how I would describe her acting appearances

She had to reinvent herself. After being at the low in terms of entertainment, she was able to raise her popularity numbers back up without compromise.

Are There Any Women of Grace and Class Left?

I spoke about Doris Day because of what I saw of her on television and even listening to her biography. I would describe her as a woman of Grace, and Class, with Wholesome values.

Movie goers were turning their attention to stars like Sophia Lauren, Marilyn Monroe, and other sex symbols. As years went by, stars pushed and took risk how they dressed at various award shows and how they dressed while performing.

The media referred to their style of dress as “naked dress”.

The unwritten dress code today is to show as much skin and body parts as possible. Allowing a peek at part of the vagina — I never thought it would go that far, but it did.

Be a Woman of Substance

I am happy to report that there are still plenty of ladies, famous and not so famous, who still exude Grace, Class, and Style—real woman of substance.

In the world of Kardashians and Kardashians wannabe’s — be a Grace, be a Doris, be a Michelle, be a Diana, be a woman of Grace, Class, and Style — and substance.

Again, I’m not sure if Kardashians is a bad thing.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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