About Patti B

Welcome to my site. I’m excited and in expectation as I live this stage of my life.


Sharing and ministering to the needs of others, has been a way of life for me. That’s not to say I have not had my share of selfishness. With maturity came the realization that we don’t live life for ourselves only. Whatever we accumulate while here, we might as well live as liberally as we possibly can….because as the saying goes “you can’t take it with you”.

Well, actually you can have your stuff buried with you, but seriously?!  But I digress.

So I want to share the blessings I’ve received in the form of information. How can you know if you don’t read or hear? Information can be empowering in so many areas of life.


Why I Want to Help Others

As a mature woman in the Senior stage of life, I feel it’s my duty to talk about the changes we go through as we age. I believe the benefits, wisdom, and experiences of the mature woman may ease  the physiological and biological changes we must endure, through the foreknowledge of someone who has been there.

If only I knew what to expect, I could have been well-prepared. It’s not to late though, life is always a learning experience.


The Purpose of This Site

The purpose of this website is to bring to the forefront the topic of menopause/the change. I want to share my experiences and I want to know yours.

I want to talk about the changes that our bodies go through. Then we can talk about the benefits of this mature life. Other topics will be: work, retirement, finances, nutrition, exercise, caring for others, real estate, hobbies, side income and any other subject you want to discuss.

Your comments and questions are encouraged.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

Patti B

The Good Steward


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