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    The Seasons of a Woman’s Life

    What can you say about being in your 20s and 30s?  You didn’t really think much about it—youth and time seemed endless. Once you are 40 and beyond, you realize just how youthful and perfect you were but that time was slipping away. Your body was perfect.  You thought nothing about wearing shorts, or bathing suit, or even a mini dress.  Every part of your body was smooth and firm (I miss that look). By the time we hit our thirty’s, some women may see small wrinkles and slight sagging in the face, but still look good.  There were those women who seemed to stay forever young looking. Many of…

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    Easy Savings

    Many of us oldsters have retired or are looking to retire very soon.  A retirement saving plan during your working years should be a no brainier. I cannot stress the importance of being able to retire with enough income that allows you to continue to live comfortably. Whether you’re retired or still working, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra savings plan in place. Start a Savings Plan I realize not every one is or will be in a good financial position when they retire. If all else fails, we have Social Security right? But for how long? Life is surely uncertain, but we prepare for tomorrow and…

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    To My Classy Sassy Senior Sisters

    Each year that we celebrate (or not celebrate) another year of life is a true blessing and gift from God. Many of my friends in their 50s and 60s still look pretty darn good. I’m evaluating from the outward appearances, because….there are things going on inside of our bodies…the unseen. Changing On the Inside I’m talking about things of a biological nature. I mean bad things…..well actually some good things and some not so good. The medical term for this phenomenon is Menopause or more popularly known as the Change. Menopausal symptoms include weight gain for no apparent reason, swollen ankles, sleeplessness, feeling heat rise from your feet until it…


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