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Listen up Sisters, I am well aware that many of you still work a 9 to 5 job.  Some of us are junior  “seniors” and some are senior “seniors”.  Most of us are not rich or even kinda well to do.  So I thought I’d bring this opportunity to those who find themselves in circumstances they didn’t plan on.  I could sure use a little extra money this month….. admit it, you’ve said those very words!

For the future retirees and current retirees, you’ll want to have as much retirement funds as you can earn.  Who is to say how long you or I will live.  The money you make from a side business venture — especially when that business is fun and easy —  is a smart way to go.  What about being able to travel?  You would be able to do that!  Maybe you want to leave something for the grandkids?  That would be doable!

I’m a Boss Babe!

Home Based Entrepreneur

Being able to work out of your home or wherever you decide is an amazing thing.  Knowing that you are the one that says yes or no….when and how.  You are the boss.

I’m not saying quit your job if you are still working.  What I am saying is to enhance your income.  Not with a second job (seriously?) but doing something fun and exciting and earn yourself more income to boot.

There is nothing like being your own boss, building a good reputation, helping others, giving back, being able to say yes because you have the money to give to charities, and what ever else your heart desires.

Earn An Extra Income

There are lots of easy ways to earn money from your home.  I’m here to tell you about one way that is fun and easy.

In my social sphere, boss babes are popping up all over the place.  (Boss babe is just the cutesy name I call myself because I’m the boss and I’m a babe).  When my neice was able to quit her job and go full time in this business, I was pretty much sold then.

What Finally Put Me Over the Edge – I Was All In

There is a young lady in this business who is doing quite well.  Little did I know just how well she and others were actually doing.  This young lady seemed so quiet and unassuming.  She was always busy tending to her little ones.

I had no idea how much fire there was in her.  This young lady, I’ll call her Marian, was “killin” it.  How was she doing what she was doing?  She sold, she ask ladies to join her team, and sold some more.  Actually those who are in this business say they don’t really sell; people see their products and ask to buy!

Marian has amassed a corporate team of her own and makes over 20k per month.  She’s the one who recruited my neice.  I was blown away by the excitement and the comrodery amongst the representatives.  My daughter in law was so excited that she decided to jump in also.

Ways to Sell  (this stuff practically sells itself)

  • Wear the product every time you go out
  • Have products always with you when you go out (we have a styish bag for that)
  • Use Instagram (oh dear, just when I got the hang of Facebook)
  • Use Facebook
  • Contact friends and relatives who live in other states (this is a big one, spread the wealth)
  • Have your own “pop-up” shop right there in your front yard
  • Have parties
  • Events

Ok…What Is This Product?

Presenting to some and introducing to others:

Paparazzi – $5.00 fashion jewelry! 

Ladies, ladies, you must take a look at this.  Women and men all over the country are now a part of the Paparazzi jewelry craze.  Some of my friends who are Paparazzi ladies, attended a Las Vegas event in August 2018,  I wanted to be there so badly.

Some portions of the event were streamed live.  I was amazed to see so many “Pappa” ladies.  My friends came back renewed, refreshed and with a determined sense of purpose.

I don’t expect everyone to be excited as I am, but if you have an interest in starting something on the side, then go to my website and look things over. 👇


Join or buy until your little heart’s content.  Of course, lookey loos are welcome.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing


  • Glenys

    You are right Patti, many people find themselves in retirement sooner rather than later. Many people find themselves in retirement and they are “not rich or even kind of well to do”. Sadly this is true for many seniors. Luckily there are websites like yours to help people earn a few extra $ and help improve their lives.

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