Christmas and the Virus

What is happening? I keep seeing masked people. It’s all so surreal, like something from a movie. I keep hearing the phrase, “the new  normal”. What does the new normal mean? We’ll find out in the coming months, no doubt.  For now, we must deal with Christmas and the virus.

An Evil Virus

The virus count in my community alone, has really gone up in the last few months. I don’t understand what people are doing. Can’t we all simply wear our mask and stay a safe distance apart? For a little while there, things were getting better, so I suppose people began to relax and letting their guard down.

Even though news about the rising number of virus cases is very disheartening, people are trying to live as normal as possible. We’re in a pandemic, we’re in quarantine, people are getting very sick, and some are dying from this awful virus.  I cannot process whats happening globally.

People hoarding certain household essentials was one negative effect of the virus. It’s amazing how alike people think. Before the hoarding, I thought within myself that maybe I should buy a couple of extra packages of toilet paper, soap, detergent and water.  I don’t know why, I just thought it was a good thing to do.

Never would I have imagined that markets would actually run out of those items because people decided to stock up or hoard. That was scary! Another scary site were the lines of people waiting to get into the markets to make purchases. I was concerned, but I didn’t panic. We actually managed just fine. I didn’t even need to use the senior shopping hours at the local stores, but I’m glad those hours were made available to us.

Chin Up

So the happiest time of the year is here, and the virus is worse than ever. What can we do and how will we fare? It’s amazing to me that people are still willing to travel. I’m so glad my daughter-in-law decided to forego her plans to travel back east to see her family. She’s sad and I’m sad for her but I’m still happy she is staying put.

Halloween is behind us and we’re looking forward to the rest of the “most wonderful time of the year”.  Here’s to my community for wearing masks while out shopping and doing the safe distance thing.

So how will we handle the Thanksgiving Holiday? I believe that as bad as things are, people will still have gatherings, they will still travel, and they will eat at whatever restaurant is opened for inside and outside dining. By the grace of God, I’m well and my family is well, so we will be together for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Chances are pretty good that the Christmas celebration will be much like Thanksgiving in terms of being with the family. Not being able to travel to see other family is not altogether a bad thing because there is still the internet that allows us to face time, zoom, etc. I know it’s not the same as being there, but it’s something.

Thank You, America

Our country, even in the midst of such confusion, is trying to keep the economy running. Americans can shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please know that I have not forgotten about those who businesses have failed, the homeless, those who have lost jobs, and those who have lost their lives due the Covid-19. That would be a different writing, and I am not mentally able to write about it at this point.

I cannot express how grateful I am for those who we refer to as essential workers and frontliners.  Let’s keep them in our prayers.  I am also thankful for family and friends, my church, my neighborhood, and being able to get essential items for our families.

A few friends I know are self-employed or starting new businesses during these trying times and are doing very well. Americans are truly resilient. Amid all the turmoil, I still love this country because I know there are more people than not who are basically good caring people. 

So Grateful, So Celebrate!

As old as I am, I still get excited about Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. One of the fun things I do every year is to drive through neighborhoods and site see the Christmas decorations.

Many years ago when I was a child, there was a group of neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles, or Watts as we called it. During that time, Watts consisted mainly of the minority population. I believe the average income was medium to welfare recipients.

There were no mansions and not even close.   Some neighborhoods were well-kept and others, not so much. We often moved, but we did live in a nice 3 bedroom house with a large porch once.

There was this one particular section of South Central where the houses were simply lovely. The largest house was about 1600 to 1700 sq ft, the lawns were well manicured. Here’s the best part. Every year at Christmas, people would come from out of town and the locals to see the decorated houses in these lovely neighborhoods.

The decorations were extremely lavish. I distinctly remember a larger than a man size mechanical dancing bear, a toy train, aluminum Christmas trees and colorful lights everywhere.  Many of the houses had big bay windows, which allowed viewing of the Christmas decor inside.  It was breathtaking.

I hope we as a people will not allow this pandemic to stop us from celebrating this our most wonderful time of the year. Remember, this is not the first time the world has faced a pandemic. The deadly Flu of 1918 lasted until 1920. We made it through then and we’ll make it through again. .


The days ahead may bring changes, good or bad. We must be committed to being safe for ourselves and others. We all know the rules; wear a mask, keep a safe distance from others, stay at home as much as possible, quarantine when necessary.

In all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and the growing spread of the virus and all that the virus affects, let us not forget the meaning and reason for each holiday. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. Give thanks to the Most High God in everything, for this is His will. If you are not a believer, then of course this is not to you.

Without the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there would be no Christmas. Granted, we have incorporated so much into the Christmas celebration, that we may neglect to give thanks, glory and honor to Jesus for coming to earth to redeem mankind and reconcile us back to the heavenly Father.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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