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This post is not just for my Senior Sisters.  There are still people who don’t know about money being held by the State of California Controller’s Office. Since no interest is earned while being held, you might just as well know about this and get what’s yours.

Unclaimed Money Search

The whole process is very easily done. I’ll give you the name of the website later. When I looked up my information, I entered my last name only for the search. When I did that, the system not only found my funds but my entire family’s because I used only the last name.

If there’s any variation in the listed name and your legal name, you may have to follow the instructions to print out the form that must be signed by a notary. For example, I had funds listed as Pat but my legal name is Patricia.

I simply printed the form and took it to a friend of mine who is a notary public. Notaries charge $15.00 per signature, just so you know there is a cost involved.

Why Would You Pay to Have This Done?

There are people who will take care of the process for you for a fee. They will only do so when there are hundreds or thousands of dollars involved. Some people are owed thousands while others are owed as little as $.01—seriously.

If you ever get a letter letting you know you may have money owed you, and in the letter they ask you to sign a form that gives them the authority to collect this money for you, don’t do that. Go to the website yourself and get your money. If you do get such a letter, know that hundreds or thousands of dollars may be there waiting for you.  Of course, you can go ahead and sign the letter and let someone do this for you if that’s what you prefer.

How the Controller’s Office Wound Up With Your Money

Any time you have dividends from stocks, refunds, pay for work done and you move away without letting the sender know, that mail is returned to the sender. The sender is not obligated to search for you.

After a while, the company sends those funds to the State Controller’s as abandoned property. The State Controller’s Office does not search for owners of California abandoned property either. The money just sits there, not earning interest.

OK people, here is your Free Access to Unclaimed Money Website

www.sco.ca.gov ? click here

Did You Have a Mortgage With An Impound Account?

If you owned a home that had the insurance and taxes included in the monthly mortgage, then you had a Mortgage Impound Account. For those of you who sold your home that had this type of mortgage you may be owed money from the impounded funds.

You will need to contact your old mortgage lender to see if you have money owed to you.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be A Blessing

Patti B

the Good Steward

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