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What Does It Mean To Be a Classy Mature Lady?

Classy Mature Ladies or classy senior sisters still loves the beauty that surrounds them. She may wear baggy pants and sweatshirt because it feels so comfortable, but she can also dress to the nine when the occasion calls for it. Manicured nails, pedicure, a facial, nicely done hair are still very much a part of who she is and how she wants to look. She does this because it makes her feel good about herself.

From the Inside Out

Those things that I mentioned are superficial, but wouldn’t you agree that a person should take care of the inside as much as the outside?

Routine doctor visits, dental care, taking supplements, eating healthy (with a little indulgence now and then) are even more vital as we age. So what we put in our bodies and what we do on the outside of our selves is the physical side and should be attended to.

The one thing in particular that bothered me the most in getting older, was the “hot flashes”.  I talk more on that in another post.  A little tip: keep a hand fan in your purse, you’ll be glad you did.

The Virtuous  Woman

Who can find a virtuous woman? For here price is far above rubies.

A Classy Sister will also look to matters of the heart or spirit. A woman with class does not display snobbish behavior. Having class and love for your neighbor will cause you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Are you charitable, courteous, kind, patient, not easily provoked, do you try your very best to consider your thoughts before letting certain words fly out of your mouth?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me — remember that phrase? Oh how that turned out to be so untrue. Words can stab at the very soul and last a lifetime. Do you try to live peaceably with those around you?

Anger is a human emotion, and we’re bound to get angry at some point. But to harbor anger, unforgiveness, revenge, and the like is stressful and it sucks the life out of the person who holds on to these negative attributes of sin.

The ugliness of sin can negate the beauty and class of any woman.

Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

The No-Class Housewives of……

I watch the “The Housewives of——” shows, yes I do. The name of the game is high ratings, and to get and keep high ratings is to continue to have DRAMA! Can you believe the name-calling, the backbiting, the bad tempers, the lies, and even the fighting that these grown ass women convey to millions of people watching on TV?

I know most of the drama is scripted, and face it — if not for all the bad behavior, maybe the shows would be boring and the ladies would not be able to make all that money. Even though the shows are scripted, I like to think that in real life these ladies live differently. I want to believe Class is in their soul—they certainly have the Sass, but Class is a part of being beautiful.

The Old and the Restless

There are men out there who are straight, they love women and only women. Being on the “downlow” for them is absolutely not in the picture. (“Downlow” are men who call themselves straight, but desire the intimacy of another man every now and then).

The men I’m talking about are goal setters, working at a job or are entrepreneurs, and looking for someone to share those things with. They tend to look for many attributes in one woman.

It’s as if there were an ‘ad’ in their heads that reads: must be good-looking, well groomed, cook, share same interest, career minded or entrepreneur (gotta bring something to the table) freakish in bed, be a little sassy, and still maintain their Classyness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting so much in one person. I do understand. We all want what we want.

When it comes to relationships, indiscretions, and broken trust……well let’s just say it may take doing all you can to maintain being a Classy lady when you find out your man has been unfaithful.  Most senior women have been married at least 20 years to the same man or married 2 times or more. My point is, we have a lot of married years experience  under our belts.

A Class Act???

Dear Classy Sisters, when it comes to an indiscretion and learning to trust again, know one thing, there was  an underlying cause for the indiscretion. I think some women have sensed that something was amiss but never confronted how they felt for fear of being brushed off, or called a nag. Some wives can be so secure within themselves that it seems unthinkable or unlikely in their minds, for their spouse to commit an indiscretion.

The moment you find out that your husband cheated, all Classyness is set aside. You’re hurt and cut to the core. “He cheated on me,” you’re thinking, “how could he”. At this point you may curse his wondering behind out, fight, throw things, cry and cry and cry some more. Once you calm down, you want to know who was she (just in case you know her) how does she look, how old is she, how did this happen, did you even consider me when you did this, how long has this been going on, when was the last time you saw her, and don’t touch me.

I Bust the Windows Out Your Car

If you’re really high-strung, you may do things you’ve only seen in the movies, like break all the windows in his car, burn his clothes, shoot up his car, demand the telephone number of the woman, so you can call her and tell her off, I’m sure I am missing some other torture that a hurt woman may do to the cheating spouse.

Because you still love him, you’re not sure what to do. If the love is still there between the both of you, don’t do anything rash, like file for divorce. Give yourself some time to process it all. Get your Class back. It’s not the end of your life, (although it feels like it sometimes). When your husband really loves you, despite his bad behavior, he will feel so bad about hurting you that he will do all he can to make it up to you.Don't touch me!!!!

There was an underlying reason for his bad behavior, even though it may not justify what he did, he realizes that he should have just talked to you.

He may have gotten caught up in the friendship and understanding of the other woman and that her compassion and listening ear drew him right into her arms. He could have been angry at your seemingly lack of concern for him, there are many scenarios that could cause a spouse to be unfaithful. Then there is the proverbial “dog”, in that case, who needs him.

I’ve dealt with heartbreak and maintaining Class because it’s such a touchy and sad subject that can be complicated. When you have dealt with heartbreak and come through with your Class intact, you are truly a class act.

Pray for Godly wisdom in all endeavors. Now go on with your Classy self and be more careful the next time!  Now go out and buy yourself a pair of cute earrings or something.

So Who Are We Again?

We are Classy mature women who are composed, confident, and sophisticated whether dressed up, dressed down, wearing make up, or no make up, wrinkles or no, beautiful or plain. We are thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind, and charitable.

We are Classy Mature Women #Classy Senior Sisters


Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing



  • Melinda

    I stopped watching the housewives of — because I realized their drama wasn’t worth my time. It was entertaining, but it took me away from working on my goals. Seniors have so much life experience and wisdom. It is unfortunate that the media places such an emphasis on youth. Life gets better as you get older and wiser.

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