Classy Mature Women

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 Beautiful Senior Women

This Is What I’m Talk’n About

.I want to be these fabulous ladies!!!!!

Elite Model Renee Davis, b. 1952, and breast -cancer activist rockin' her…
You Rockin That Body
Love this gorgeous smokey eye on this beautiful woman!
Beautiful Sexy Woman



Hey Fran Hey — Curated Calm For A Life On The Go …



Flaunt your grey hair if you believe it enhances your features. You're probably right.
Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!


They Know How to Dress

Work That Outfit
Helen-Mirren-Cannes-Film-Festival-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Bruce-Oldfield-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)
Totally Sophisticated









A friend of mine told me I dressed too young just because I still liked wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and oversized shirts.  I on the other hand thought she dressed too old.

Carmen Dell'Orefice
Too sexy for my hair…to sexy for my fur!
Much Class & Fab
Look at Those Legs










I Love Their  Long Full Hair

Gray Can Be Simply Stunning







I used to think being older meant wearing my hair short, wearing shoes that looked like oxford with a little heel, wearing unflattering clothes, and having a large belly and large boobs

Natural Hair Lovers - Community - Google+
No Relaxer Needed
81-year-old stunner
Beautiful Full Hair








17 Best images about Natural Gray
Oh My…All That Beautiful Hair!
Lovely More
I Wonder If She’s Thinking About Her Younger Years








Words of Wisdom

40 is good, 50 is great, 60 is fabulous, and 70 is freakin awesome!!!!

The Art of Aging Creed. Love this.
Here! Here!
So True




~ 98 years young now! tao porchon-lynch ~
I Will Keep That In Mind








At the end of the day what really matters is that your loved ones are well, you’ve done your best and that you’re thankful for all you have.

Daily inspirational quotes

When women support each other, incredible things happen


Make the rest of your years, the best of your years


A Little Humor

Maybe tomorrow I will remember a different age…


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Oh No They Didn’t







Aunty Acid for 7/11/2017
OMG ! I do that a lot

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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  • Kenny

    Hi and what a refreshing article. I applaud your passion and gusto for life and pride in yourself. Many in our society dismiss the senior generation as out of touch. But this is untrue, the senior generation has vital life experience that the younger generation could do well to learn from. Thank you again, Kenny 

  • Felix

    I really love your approach. My mother is 70+ and still dresses trendy and in my eyes, I never deemed her an old lady. I still don’t get it why many people fall into the same dressing pattern, when turning 65. As if the permission to look youthfully has been retracted. Please, give us more of this!  

  • Shelley Ann

    Hi Patti, what a lovely website! I’m nowhere near the “seniors’ years” yet, but will get there one day. And it is so nice to see somebody who writes about the process and in very inspiring ways. It’s always been a scary thought, thinking about getting older, but I love how you speak about the 70’s as being “freakin awesome”, wow. And all the fun clothes you can wear and have fun with too! You don’t make it sound so scary at all! Yes, I know we all have our ups-and-downs, but that’s life. I’ve book marked your site, so I can read a bit more and share this with my mother who is now in her 70’s. What words of wisdom you share! Thank you!

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