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Who wouldn’t want to have an elegant master bedroom.  The problem is our budget and the how-to.  Some of us have the gift. You know that gift to be able to look at a room and be able to envision colors, furniture, furniture placement, and accessories. Today, technology allows designers to put together meticulously designed rooms with almost no “oops” factor. Once you have the tools to move forward, decorating a master bedroom shouldn’t be difficult.  

Bedroom Decorating Ideas (yes you can)

I get a kick out of visiting newly constructed homes, and taking a walk through the tastefully decorated models, along with the other looky loos. I remember this one model in particular, because the living room seemed very small, but this did allow for a larger kitchen, family room and eating areas. So I guess the designer’s goal was to make the best use of the space.

The living room, though very small was gorgeous and homey. The designer used colors I never would have thought to use. Every room was beautifully decorated.

I had a bedroom that was due for a much-needed redo. Rather than trying to use my own ingenuity, actually the lack thereof, I said “self, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty of photos with fabulously decorated bedroom in books, magazines, and the internet.” By the way, I don’t have the gift, I know this because I’ve tried several times before.

I gave up trying to decorate like a pro.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I tend to give up if I fail more than once. Oddly, I always try again months, and sometimes years later.

Make Your Bedroom a Retreat

The first thing you must do is get rid of unused and unwanted stuff. That was the first thing I did — now I can actually walk in my walk in closet. It’s a small walk-in, but a walk-in just the same. Clearing the clutter should be done on a regularly scheduled basis whether redoing or not.

At this point, many Classy Senior Sisters (along with your husband’s if married) should be empty nesters or close to it. Have you ever considered changing an empty bedroom into a sitting area with en suite or a walk in closet? Give it some thought.

I trust you’ve really and truly gotten rid of unused items and the stuff that clutters. I must make this suggestion also, clear the top of your dresser. I am talking about the bottles of perfumes and makeup. Having decorative containers and maybe some candles on the dresser top instead is OK.

Make your room look and feel like a spa/resort room. Surround yourself with neatness, non clutter, pleasant colors, and the aroma of essential oils is great for mental health. I got rid of old decorative containers (they were very old and worn) and replaced them with baskets and got rid of other old, no longer used stuff — you know, to clear up the clutter. There were papers, files, and books that I found a new home for if they were important and relevant. If not important and relevant, then in the trash they went.

Unless you know a little something about decorating and color choices, I recommend a light neutral color for the walls, but its totally up to you. I don’t know about you, but I prefer carpet in my bedroom. Even if my bedroom were a wood or imitation wood floor, I would have a very large rug to soften the look and for warming my feet. Getting out of bed in the morning and having my feet touch the wood floor, is just not right — but that’s just me.

If your house is carpeted or at the very least your bedrooms are carpeted, you will probably choose color design according to your carpet color. Then again, you may change the carpet color in your bedroom if you are doing a total redo of YOUR bedroom. Whatever you decide, consider the carpet color when choosing your bed cover color, throw pillows, and drapes (if you are using drapes as your window covering).

Retreat supplies:  candles (I like candle simulators) throw pillows, oil diffuser, decorative containers, throw blanket, and whatever else you come up with.

Balancing Your Colors

I was listening to a webinar from a professional home decor designer. She said, there should be a balance of light and dark. Dark will draw you in, as if to anchor the room. When a room is all white, and I’ve seen it, your eyes tend to just roam around the room. There is nothing there to focus on. If you were to add just one throw pillow with color, your eye will eventually focus on the object that is darker than white.

Get the walls and flooring done. If you are going this along as a novice, get ideas from magazines and photos from the internet. Pinterest is a good place to start looking for photos of tastefully decorated bedrooms.

Storage and Organization

I Don’t Have Enough Storage Space!! I think storage space may be the biggest problem for most women. Whenever I watch the virtual tour of homes of the well-to-do or rich, I focus in on their walk-in closets in particular. Walk in closets should be a must have for every residence…period! Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Unless you have the money to make an addition or are able to convert a bedroom to a walk in, you’ll have to make do with what you have and make the best of it. For smaller closets, you may want to invest in storage containers, maybe some built in shelves.

Consider dividing the closet with a board so that you can add a second pole for hanging blouses and skirts. Don’t worry, I have photos. For more storage, have shelves suspended on the walls, as well as the TV set. Whatever you put on the shelves, place them in decorative baskets or storage bins, unless it’s flowers and books. 

If your bed is high enough, storage containers can be hidden under the bed. Bed riser can be used to lift the bed higher so that you can store stuff.

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