Doggie Love

Dog love or doggie love as I like to say, somehow eluded me for years. Sure I liked animals especially dogs, but I never really wanted a dog. Mostly I was afraid of dogs and I didn’t like it when they would jump on me even though I knew they just wanted to play. Something happened to me later in life,  and I felt dog love.

Fifi and the Older WomanCarry me, I'm too tired to walk

Did you watch the classic movies when you were younger? Movies with stars like Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Humphrey Bogart; you get what I mean? Comedies were my favorites. I’m glad we have Turner Classic Movies station today.

There were always rich people in the cast lineup. Whenever there was a dog in the movie, usually a small dog, it was owned by a mature woman who called her dog Fifi or Poopsie.

Oh, how she appeared to love her little Fifi or Poopsie. Seriously, these dogs would be carried around, decked out with a diamond collars, and ate only the best. Movies often imitate real life, and I know plenty of people who have their own real-life Fifi, Poopsie, big dogs, cats, and other animals that they really love!

Coco and Bear

When my kids were younger, my husband bought home a puppy pit bull mixed. My youngest son took to the puppy right away. My middle child was afraid of dogs until Coco came into our lives. Coco seemed so young, I used to wonder if she was taken from her mother too soon.

Whatever my feelings were about dogs back then, my compassion for them was always there. Coco and my sons became very close. They played with that dog every day and made sure he ate and was bathe. I was very proud of them.

Later we moved to a bigger house with a much bigger yard, front, and back. Since we had the room, we took in another puppy and named him Bear because he looked like a bear cub. Both dogs grew up together at that house. Bear grew up to be a very big dog, after all, he was a Rottweiler.

I Knew I Had Dog Love When My Heart Was Broken


Such a Noble Look

As time went by, both dogs became a part of the family. My son who was initially afraid of dogs, would go outside in the backyard and sit on the porch while the dogs would fight over who gets to put their head on my son’s lap. The Rottweiler was a big ole spoiled baby. He had to have all the attention.

A series of unfortunate incidents happened which included having to move to another house. Before we moved to the next house, we weren’t sure where we were going. It was a hard time for us, but we made it through one day at a time.

Because our situation was so uncertain, we had to give the dogs away. Before Coco and Bear left with their new owners, I ask if I could have a moment alone with my dogs. As I was saying goodbye to them, my emotions started to run high, tears hot on my cheeks, and my heart in pieces. I didn’t realize just how much I loved my dogs. Now I understand the Fifi and the Poopsie owners. (Excuse me while I wipe my tears and blow my nose). Memories, like the corners of my mind….

For All the Fifi’s and Big Dogs Too

Remember I mentioned how it seemed that the Fifi’s and Poopsies pretty much got the best of everything, especially the diamond dog collar. Well, I found something just as cute but without the extravagant price tag.

I was looking for dog collars online because, guess what, my granddaughter is a dog lover.  She got her dog when he was a puppy and his name is Coco, oh joy! I bought him this light up flashing dog collar. So when we’re out on these hot summer nights or any night, she can easily keep up with him while he runs around in the yard. Take a peek at these collars, I think you’ll really like them for your precious pet.


Don’t you just missed your dog or other pet when you’re away for extended periods, like work or at a game. Do you think about them when you’re apart and wonder what there’re doing?   If you said yes, then aw — that’s so sweet.  You truly love your dog.  Why don’t you buy yourself a dog camera!  You can watch them while you’re away, and even talk to them.  Take a tour and see all the things a

Furbo Dog Image

dog camera can do.  I betcha it makes the dog feel a little more secure when they hear your voice.

(I earn a fee on qualifying purchase)

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to read your comments and stories about your pets. Go ahead, share with us.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be A Blessing

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  • shalisha alston

    OMG. My first dog’s name was “Lily.” I will never forget her. I rescued her from the North Shore Animal League. She was so difficult, obstinate, smart… she was a handful. Then I moved to the City and had to give her to my sister, who had a big house and backyard…

    Long story short, she ran away, and I was heartbroken.

    Now, I have 2 Jack Rusells (Jack and Jill) and I love them to pieces. I will do anything for them. I recently bought a stroller for them because Jill is older and can’t walk much. So I put them both in the stroller and drive them to the park (Central Park) and then let them out and play! I love giving them the royal treatment. Great post!

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