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Many of us oldsters have retired or are looking to retire very soon.  A retirement saving plan during your working years should be a no brainier. I cannot stress the importance of being able to retire with enough income that allows you to continue to live comfortably. Whether you’re retired or still working, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra savings plan in place.

Start a Savings Plan

I realize not every one is or will be in a good financial position when they retire. If all else fails, we have Social Security right? But for how long?

Life is surely uncertain, but we prepare for tomorrow and live for today.

There are other money subjects to get to, but for now I want to tell you about this online saving plan that someone referred me to. I’m in my Senior years and I still think it’s smart to have a “for whatever reason” savings plan. Financial planners tell us to have 6 months of income set aside for an emergency.

Besides the well-to-do, how many people have such an emergency stash? But please know, you can start and do anything you put your mind to. 

I’m not a financial planner or money expert, but I know what’s working for me.  Sometimes the simple things to do takes imagination, creativity, commitment, and thought.

Starting a savings plan for the short term, (not for retirement) is something you’ll be glad you did.  Short term savings can be for a shopping spree, vacation, something for the house, etc.

Save Your Coins

Drop your coins everyday and you’ll always have money.

My brother told me how he managed to save up $500 dollars very passively. Every day he would take the change (coins) from his pocket and put them in a big sparkletts water bottle. He said he did this for a year, I think he said a year……but since I don’t remember clearly, let’s just say 2 years.

After the second year of saving his coins, he needed money to buy his wife a birthday gift. Since the water bottle was now full, he started counting the many coins he had saved. Low and behold, the amount came to approximately $500 dollars by simply dropping the coins from his pocket into his saving tool of choice.

I heard a similar story from an insurance company ad on TV….remember that commercial?  The elderly gentleman said he has been saving his coins since he was a little boy.

So at the end of every day, whatever coins were still in his pocket, he would drop in his coins jar.  I do that and so should you.

This Is What I Do

I was at my local CVS one shopping day and saw this savings bank that was a replica of a ATM machine.  I simply had to have it!

  • It’s a toy bank for children, but it worked for me.

It even had an ATM card and the ability to set up a code number.  Having this little bank was just a fun and creative way to save money.

Another novelty .bank that I liked, was the slot machine bank.  Whenever I had company, I’d fill it with same denomination coins.

Of course, there’d be the chance that someone could walk away with some or all the money.  That’s okay because those were fun times.

How This Easy Savings Plan Works

Just like the above stories of saving coins after a day of spending, this plan works in a similar fashion. How many of us use our debit cards like cash?

This plan allows you to link your debit card to your new savings account and whenever you use the debit card, your total is rounded up to the next whole dollar. The difference in your purchase amount and the next whole dollar, is what goes into your savings account.

Let’s say you spend $25.10 on groceries, the $25.10 would be rounded up to $26.00 and $.90 would  be deposited into savings. Easy peasy! You jump start this plan in the beginning with as little as $5.00.

You could also opt to have an amount of your choice deposited periodically from your source account to this savings account.  That really speeds up the savings process.

Not only will you be saving, but your funds are tied to the market, so you’re not just earning practically nil on your money like the traditional saving account.

So this is like an investment account, you may ask? I suppose it is because unlike coins in a bottle, your money will be working for you.

The company’s name is Acorns, which you might have already heard about. I really felt good about this plan after hearing a financial professional talk about having a savings plan in place and mentioned Acorns by name.

He mentioned the Acorns company as a good savings/investment vehicle. The program has different affliates companies that will deposit money into your Acorns account when you use one of their offers. 

I used some of their offers during my regular shopping and doing business, and received money into my account.

Sisters, Watch Your Money Grow!

Acorns Company

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Acorns offers much more than just a way to save money.  You may be able to earn extra money when you shop at certain stores on Acorns list of companies.

Check out the link and discover all the services this company offer.  Only you can determine if this will be a good fit for you.  Click the link below to learned more!


My Personal Savings Challenge

When I saw this savings plan, I decided to challenge others, but especially myself.

Get a 2-liter soda bottle empty and clean.  Join my challenge and save nothing but dimes in the bottle.  I’m currently saving my dimes, but it seems like a slow process.

Then I had this idea.  Whenever I did my banking, I would exchange a $5 bill for $5 in dimes or whatever amount I decide on at the time.

  I figured, there was no way that I was going to carry that much change in my purse to make purchases.  That’s why exchanging a bill for coins makes it so easy for me to save.

I simply dropped those dimes in the soda bottle and watch my dimes add up.  I do this every one to two weeks.  By the time the bottle is full you should have at least $450 dollars.

I challenge you!  Let me know how you’re doing.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

PS:  If you already save your coins at the end of everyday, keep it up.  If this is something you don’t normally do, consider giving it a try.

Before you know it you could have a few hundred bucks saved away.  Sure would come in handy for the grandkids, or those special occasion gifts.

Isn't this an awesome looking Savings Bank
This appears to be a book, but it’s a 
Savings Bank

Find an empty jar with a lid or an empty coffee can and toss those coins in and forget it.  I was on Amazon.com and found a few really neat novelty coin  banks.  Click the red links below to take a closer look.

Save for a Vacation



 It’s a Bank!

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  • suzanne

    Hi Patti,
    This is a great idea! What a great way to save some money. I’ll have to be sneaky and find somewhere safe to put it, because my hubby will find it and it’ll become his coffee money, LOL.
    Thanks again,

  • Furkan

    I think I can advise my mother to take the coins from her pocket and save as I know that many of these coins just disappear. I really want her to be more careful about this stuff. Do you have any similar suggestions like this?

    • PattiB

      Hi Furkan,
      Is yor mother putting away her spare coins? If so does she have a designated place? You pretty much have to be mindful and committed to doing things that are beneficial. Unless she uses the Acorns savings plan, or something similar like I do, (savings done for you) she will have to be intentional about savings whether it’s her coins or saving dollars using auto transfer into a savings account.

      I hope she sees the value in your suggestion.

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