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My niece was telling me how being “safer at home” has cause her to put on weight. I’ve heard several people complain about the same thing. People are doing things at home that they’ve never had the time to do before — it looks like it’s time to add fit at home to that list.Fit at Home

Walking Is the Best

Walking being the best fitness tool is just my opinion. It’s so simple, it’s not strenuous. Walking with someone or if alone, listening to something on your device makes walking time seem like no problem. Even doctors say if we don’t do any other exercise, at least walk on a consistent basis.

If walking is your choice, then it should accompany a sensible diet (not go on a diet). As we get older, eating sensibly should become a lifestyle.

Simple Exercise Equipment

Large expensive exercise equipment is not necessary. Although I wouldn’t mind having one of those treadmills that can be folded and stored under the bed, or a stationary bike with the virtual scenery on an attached viewer screen. However, my goal here is to go simple and inexpensive.

My daughter teaches a dancersize class. I got out of breath just watching her. There was this rubber belt that I observed laying on her couch on one of my visits. I picked it up and looked at it and realize it was for exercising. It’s called a resistance band.Resistance Band

I thought to myself, I need this to get my arms and thighs back in shape. A few years back, I had the Suzanne Somers Thigh Master. I used it now and then, but when your thigh are nice and firm, you take it for granted because they look good now. I have absolutely no idea what I did with my thigh master. I wish I had it!

Since Suzanne Somers Thigh Master, other thigh masters came on the market. The thigh master is really simple to use. So simple, that you might get bored.


I was watching public television one afternoon and came upon this program where a 70ish woman was promoting exercise, especially for us baby boomers. The author was also promoting her book called Aging Backwards by Miranda Edsmonde-White.

She explained how most exercise equipment offers strengthening to targeted muscles groups. These types of exercise are concentric, which means that they shorten or contract the muscle in strengthening them.

After years of contracting, the muscle will begin to squeeze the joints, restricting movement and range of motion, which leads to stiffness, pain, and arthritis. She did not advocate not doing what people were already doing, she did explain, however, how stretching may be able to correct damage that may have been cause by years of weight lifting, Pilates, aerobics, and yoga.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Do you find that no matter how much weight you lose, you still have the dreaded belly protrusion. It protrudes because we are holding on to too much fat, and not by choice. I figured my only option to losing my belly fate was to exercise and be consistent with it.

I was intrigued by a marketing promotion I saw telling how to lose belly fat. It’s a weight lost solution formula, but what interested me was the help with the fat around the middle for women in their 30s and over on into their 70s plus.

There is a presentation to watch, reviews, scientific references, and other information.


I remember a relative of mine was told about her weight gain. It was a lighthearted conversation, so there were no hard feelings. After all, no woman wants to hear that. Anyway, my relative replied in the continuing lighthearted manner “it’s OK, I’ll just buy bigger clothes”. Later this same relative found out she was diabetic.

Most women who diet to lose weight, do so to look good. Because losing weight was not all that urgent, I was successful at it only once and gained it all back, of course! When I needed to lose weight for my health, it was urgent and it did it and have kept the weight off.

Losing weight is not an easy task, especially during menopause.  However, weight loss can be achieved with a plan and focused attention.  If there are things by way of information from books, equipment, oral formulations, then by all means look into those things.

I personally walk for exercise, dramatically or stop meat consumption from time to time, do the stretching exercise from the Aging Backwards book.

I welcome your comments.

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Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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