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It seems that as we age, we’re discovering the foods we like no longer agree with our digestive system. Case in point, certain surgery snacks give me a freakin headache. Slowly, I’ve learned which sweet treats to stay away from. Maybe for me, this was a good thing, because type 2 diabetes was waiting with open harms.

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with pre diabetes that I knew things would have to change. After doing some research, I decided that this Classy Lady was joining the good nutrition lifestyle. I now go food shopping with a different mind set. You can do this…you must do this.

The Best Vitamins to Take

Folate or folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 are three of the B vitamins that have been given the most significant attention amongst older adults.

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin improves bone and heart health.

Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acids for reducing inflammation and improving heart health.

Calcium Supplements to support strong bones and teeth.

Joint Health Supplements

Type 2 Diabetes and Nutrition

I have an uncle, who is in his 80’s. I just happened to notice that I’d never seen him put on glasses. Not only does he not wear glasses, he drives without any problems, he eats whatever he wants, and does not have a lap over belly. “It’s not fair I told him, why didn’t I get some of those good genes?”

Does this mean that not all oldsters have to adopt a healthy lifestyle? I don’t know. I suppose there are rare cases where people live to 100 or more without any special dietary changes.  Actually this opens up a whole new area of aging subject matter, but that’s for another time. I’m referring to people who live healthy, active lives in their 80s and over in different parts of the world.  In Japan for an example, older seniors still ride bicycles.

This is what I have observed as a senior person…..too many of my contemporaries are diabetics. It’s totally out of control. I’ve seen friends prick their fingers, popping pills to balance out insulin, unable to eat certain foods. It’s just sad. Diabetes can be controlled or even reversed with a good nutritional lifestyle. A nutritious eating habit will automatically take care of canceling out diabetes.

While on the subject of diabetes, I highly recommend adding this spice to your diet. I buy it in powder form to add to my smoothies. It’s called Turmeric. It’s not just for those who already have diabetes who benefit from using turmeric, it’s for anyone concerned about blood sugar – including the 40 percent of Americans with pre-diabetes.

What Is a Nutritous Lifestyle?

Please keep this in mind—following a low glycemic diet is essential to preventing disease and staying healthy long into your golden years. The glycemic index is based on one simple concept: how food impacts your blood sugar.

A nutritious lifestyle means that grocery shopping and eating out must be done with a constant “improving my health” mentality. Following a low glycemic diet can help you:

  • Stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduce the risk for heart disease
  • Reduce the risk for diabetes
  • Reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s (type 3 diabetes)
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss
  • Reduce the signs of visible aging by reducing AGE’s in the body
  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce inflammation

Following the glycemic index guide is core to how and what we eat.

Food Lifestyle Changes To Make ASAP

When I got that call from my doctors’ office with the results of my bleed test and was told that I was pre diabetic, I immediately switch the soda I was about to drink for water and passed on the spaghetti for dinner. I started doing and still do the following.

    • Opt for water in place of that soda or sugary drink.
    • Endeavor to eat fish 3 times a week (wild caught)
    • Eat avocados – be creative
    • Use coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil (use coconut and avocado oils for cooking at higher temperatures)
    • Eat full fat butter from grass fed cows
    • Try to eat organic beef
    • Try to buy eggs from free-range chickens
    • Use these instead of sugar: Xylitol, Stevia, Erythritol
    • Organic fruits & vegetables

Cooking Healthy

Healthy cooking is easy and you can get better at it as you become consistent. The truth is, with a little planning, a few easy-to-master cooking techniques, and a handful of tools, you can create delicious, healthy meals in under 30 minutes that taste as good as they are good-for-you!

It really does a body good!Meal Plans

What type of meal plan is best for you? Following a whole food Primal or Paleo diet that models our ancestors is a great place to start. Just as important, is to personalize your meal plan to meet your own unique dietary and health needs. You should consider any food allergies, digestive issues, calorie requirement, for instance.

Healthy eating plans could be:

A Vegetarian Diet: Of course vegetables are good for you. But is a vegetarian diet good for you? Vegetarianism may not be a good choice because of the nutrient deficiencies these diets can cause and the wide variety of chronic diseases to which these deficiencies contribute. If you do choose a vegan or vegetarian meal plan, work with a holistic practitioner to assess and monitor your nutritional status.   Purchase on Amazon 👇

A Mediterranean Diet: This can be a very healthy way to eat, and studies have shown that natives in those areas of the world have significantly lowed instances of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But the key is to remember that many “Americanized” versions of these foods — frozen Mediterranean dinners or Greek takeout — don’t adhere to the key elements of the true Mediterranean diet meal plan.

Choose whole fresh foods, herbs and spices to create delicious Mediterranean diet plan.    Purchase on Amazon 👇

A Taste of The Mediterranean: Delicious Greek Recipes to Boost Your Health - Try These Wonderful Mediterranean Delicacies by [Blomgren, April]

The Paleo Plan (Something from the Past): Our ancestors ate what we call Paleo. This diet focuses on high quality meats and fresh veggies, with some fruits, nuts and seeds. which eliminates many of the allergenic and inflammatory ingredients that zap our energy and can harm our health over time.

In addition to giving up gluten, the Paleo diet also eliminates all grains (like rice, amaranth and even “ancient grains”). True Paleo diets also restrict dairy (often with the exception grass-fed butter), and rely heavily on high quality fats like coconut oil.

Is a Detox Diet Needed: Essentially detoxing means getting rid of toxins in your body. It may come as a surprise that some of the most detoxifying foods are actually animal foods. Our body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier – glutathione– is produced by the liver and requires amino acids from proteins as a starting material. This means eggs, whey protein and grass-fed or pastured raised meats are great choices for boosting your body’s production of this important compound.

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And what about juicing? Its important that you choose organic fruits and veggies for juicing. because of the pesticides used on non-organic produce. Also, many fresh juices contain high levels of sugar – as much as 40 grams per serving!

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I’d love to know how, if at all, you’ve changed your eating lifestyle.  Leave your comments  below.

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Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing


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