I love being a grandmother. If you are over 50, maybe younger, you’re probably a grandmother too. Are you enjoying the times you have with the grand kids or as I like to call it, grandmothering? For me, they keep me lively and knowledgeable about different trends. I’m having lots of fun!

 Got Girls

As a mother, I had three boys and no girls, I wanted a girl so much, but it wasn’t meant to be for me. My boys were the best — they were good kids, simply stated. Their friends were basically like them, so I had no problem having them over to our house for games and sleep overs.

Little boys attracted other little who were into sports, video games, bicycles, etc. Except for my nieces, I was surrounded by little boys, then eventually bigger boys.

Whenever I would shop for my boys, I’d stop by and browse in the little girls section of the store. So, so cute – the clothes, shoes, hair decor, bedroom decor, and cute little dolls.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized, maybe having all boys was for me. God knows what is best for us. Why do I say this, because I have FOUR GRANDGIRLS and OMG!

Little Girls Hair

When my husband passed away, my son invited me to live with him and his family. I’ve always been a part of my grandchildren’s lives so it seemed very natural for me to join his family.

I moved into a house with three girls and one teenage boy. They were so happy to have me live with them. I think they had a secret agenda.

You would think coming from a family of six sisters that I would know all about taking care of little girls. Taking care of my grandgirls  is when I discovered that I was lacking in little girl care. My biggest handicap was how to comb their hair.

No matter how I tried, their hair never came out looking like when their mother combed it (by the time I moved in, their mother and dad separated). Even though their other grandmother was Filipino, their hair was thick and course.

The baby girl’s hair was soft and curly, which made it easy for me to comb. I told my two older girls that when they get older and start getting their hair done, that they are going to be happy for such a full head of hair.

I Love My Grandkids

Dealing with my two grandsons is so easy. They are both excellent students. I remember when my teenage grandson was in elementary school, he was accused of being aggressive towards another student.

If you knew my grandson, you would have said, there’s no way he would have started anything with anyone. That’s the kind of kid he was and is. Teachers are not infallible, they are capable of being wrong.

It all worked out okay. My husband, when he was alive, watched over and cared for his grandchildren as much as he cared for his boys. He was a real papa bear — don’t mess with his family. We miss him so much.

My girls are basically good kids also, but they’re girls. The oldest is a fashion diva, the next one is not into fashion or hair styles. She prefers a big shirt and baggy pants. If she could get away with it, bathing, putting lotion on, wearing deodorant, and brushing her teeth would not be hard to skip. She’s not a tomboy, she’s the opposite of her older sister.

The youngest is a baby but then there’s the kindergartner. I think she’s been here before. That’s a phrase an older lady friend of mine said about my son when he was a little boy. It applies when a child makes profound statements often. That describes my kindergartner.

I really like picking her up after school. She is so friendly to the other classmates. She tattled on one of her classmates and I told her that she shouldn’t do that to her friends. So I said, “is your friend mad at you?”. And of course she was mad and didn’t want to be my granddaughter’s friend anymore.

My granddaughter said that she didn’t care that other little girl was no longer her friend because she has plenty of other friends. I couldn’t believe she said that! Since that time, they became friends again. Isn’t it great how children don’t hold grudges?

Granny Life

Sometimes I forget I’m as old as I am. In my head, I’m still the same as I was years ago. But then sometimes I’m not as energetic. Once I looked in the mirror, and Bamm! – there it was. I don’t mind getting old, as long as I don’t look old. But it’s not working out.

I think I’m a classy, sassy granny. I watch my weight, eat healthy, I like wearing make up and wigs, still love shoes and clothes shopping.

There is this really big concern though. I can’t drive on the freeway at night anymore.  It’s called night blindness.

First aging takes away my looks, now my eyes. What is happening to me, it’s not fair. Yes I know life is not fair, but seriously? Menopause was punishment enough.

On a happier note, I’m relatively active. I absolutely love my place of worship. My Pastor is a young man (my nephew) and he’s doing a tremendous job in his new leadership role. The congregation is growing with young people.

Life is what you make it, as the saying goes. My late husband was the real go getter in the family. It took me a few years, but I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t make it happen for me, then it won’t happen.

I had to come out of the slump and be about making something happen. Now and then I think to myself that I’m old, and why bother. Those are the moments that I have to encourage myself.

When you’re retired like I am, each day can be a blank canvas, and what we do with that day is our paint brush.  Some of my goals are to conquer using social media, make blogging a business, get back to sewing, refurbish thrift store and garage store finds, and learn home decorating.


Grandmothering can be more than just cooking for the family on holidays or sitting around doing nothing at the community senior center.  We still have purpose.

From mothering to grand mothering, that’s the life for me. I realize not every grandmother cares to be as involved in the lives of their adult children and grandchildren. As a matter of fact, some adult children prefer an occasional visit from the grandparents, and some grandparents prefer it that way.

When I was a child, grand kids would call their grandmother’s “big momma”. I don’t hear that term anymore, it’s been replaced by Nana, nany, grandmommy, mom, mama, gigi, memaw or mee maw. I think these titles fit the modern grandmother a little better.

Being a Grandmother is awesome!

Many of my Senior piers are very tech savvy, then there are the one whose knowledge is about average.  Still there are those who don’t particularly care to use the internet.

Isn’t it something how technology and modern communication device makes you wonder how you ever did without.

I have pictures of my family and friends on my cell phone and computer.  However, I’m still old school in that I prefer pictures in frames and photo albums.

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Here is a modern computer like product that I thought was so neat.  It’s a picture frame that 

lights up and pictures are feature like a slide show.

(photos can be emailed on this device)

I’d love to hear comments from other grandmothers.  You are welcomed to do so below in the comment section. 

(As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases)

These two guys below are my grandsons.  I didn’t want to leave them out.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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