Granma or Glamma?

I have observed many women in my age group (over 50) who don’t look the way grandmothers looked a few years ago. To be honest, when I think “granmah”, I picture grey hair, wire frame glasses, wearing an apron, and oxford looking shoes. That was my grandmother. 

Many grandmothers today are youthful, and vital, though not all.  What happened? Let’s explore.


When I was many years younger than I am today, being a grandmother seemed thousands of years into the future…..really.

I remember being in conversation with a much older co-worker, talking about kids. I told her that I’d be so glad when my kids were grown up! She looked at me with a smile and replied back, “oh no–cherish their young age while you can”.

In my head I was thinking, “yeah I know, they grow up so fast bla bla bla”. I just smiled back with consent, and kept walking back to my office.

OMG, who’d thought she’d be right! Actually I saw my kids asserting their independence even before adulthood.  Every now and then I take out the old family album and let my mind savor the memories.

Typical Grandmother

When my youngest child was about 6, he answered the front door. I had to think if I ever told him to never open the door. Maybe I didn’t.

Anyway, he opened the door and shouted out to me, “Mom, there’s some gra-maws at the door”. I was a little apprehensive that he opened the door, but at the same time I was trying to figure out what he meant by gra-maws being at the door.

When I got to the opened door, I broke out into a wide smile (I wanted to laugh so badly- this was too cute). There stood 3 old kindly looking ladies. They absolutely looked like somebody’s “gra-maw”.

They were walking through the neighborhood inviting people to their church, and they were Mormons to boot.

They were a little stout, large bellies, breast at their waistline, grey hair and glasses.  Typical Grannies indeed.


The first time I heard that word to describe being a grandmother was on TV. I was watching an episode of the Housewives of Atlanta. Housewife, Nene is one of, if not the oldest on the program. She is also the only grandmother.

I don’t know if Nene coined that word or not, but that is where I first heard it said. I thought it was cute and appropriate for many Classy and Glamorous grandmothers.

I remember when I was a young lady, I observed many young ladies my age were having babies. There was no way man — I wasn’t having no baby, besides, my mother was still having babies even though I was practically an adult.  How was that possible! I couldn’t help but wonder, how and why would she have more when she already had so many.? I understand now that menopause had not happened in my Mom’s case.

Which leads me to the subject of Menopause.  Menopause was just a word I had heard before. I never really understood it. Now that I know, I realize my mother had not entered that phase of life yet, because a few years later, she thought she was pregnant again. This time she was just entering menopause.

The point of my “mother getting pregnant” story is to say that women can become grandmothers at a young age. I was practically an adult and my mother was still at baby making age. I could have easily had a child which would have made her a baby making granny.

Many young grandmothers are sexually active, they are fashion conscience, and they think young because in reality, they are still young.

Classy Gran’s in their 60s and 70s are still absolutely fashion conscious without looking like they’re trying hard to hold on to their forgotten youth.

Grannys are rockin their grey hair, wearing jeans, tennis shoes, boots, make-up, and wigs. I am not mad at that–I am one of them.

Using the term Glamma in place of Granma,  is not because women are trying to hold on to their youth so much, I think it is more of a state of mind.

We know what age we are, but our minds says life, fun, beauty, wisdom, vitality, viability, love, health, and so much more.

Classy grandmother’s are not trying to re-enact their 20s and 30s, we want to be the best we can be for us at our ages.

Glam or Gran It’s Just a Title

The best advice I want to give is to just be yourself. It’s so simple.

I pick my grand kids up from school every school day. There are many other grandad’s and grandma’s picking up their kids also. Not one time have I seen a grandmother dressed like the image that is etched in my mind of the typical Gran.

Most are dressed age appropriate, and fashionable. So whether you want to be called Glamma, or Granma, Nana, or whatever special name you were given for being a grandmother, it doesn’t matter.

It’s what’s inside that makes the difference. However you choose to look on the outside, is OK, because it’s comfortable being yourself.

Leave a comment…what do you think about the term Glam-ma?

Be Blessed All You Glam-Grans and Be a Blessing


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