How Not to Look Old

I was reading a blog by a senior lady in her 70s. She spoke about her arthritic hands, wrinkled skin, and how she can’t walk very long without stopping to rest. She also mentioned how she had seen so many friends and family members pass on to the next life, which made her suspect the grim reaper will be knocking at her door soon.

Yikes, that really brought me down mentally. I understand that she was being real, but good grief, what about some positivity? I didn’t bother to read any further.

Old Is Ugly?

Someone I know very well, made this statement, “old is ugly”. I was shocked that she said it, but I couldn’t disagree. When our good looks fade, it’s just a part of growing older, right?

When I see old and wrinkled, I don’t think ugly, rather experience, wisdom, and longevity.

Back in the 80s, I watched The Golden Girls TV Show with total enjoyment. As the years went by, I continued to watch, even though they were reruns. To this day, I still watch their reruns. As you listened to the dialog in different episodes, you learn the ages of the ladies.

They were young senior ladies who were still beautiful and vital. Fast forwards about 20 years, and you see the stark differences in their looks. Not ugly, but the look of years of living.

I observed the following changes in their looks: weight gain, change in appendages, wheelchair, wrinkles, sour facial expression, poor posture, and their good looks mostly gone. However, we’ve come to accept these changes as totally natural. So we’re suppose to wrinkle, not able to walk completely on our own, develop diseases, as be become weaker and more fragile each day? I cannot except that!

There is only one Golden Girl left, the others have transitioned to eternity.

Much like The Golden Girls, I have changed as well. Our looks change, skin is no longer taunt, wrinkles form and hair goes gray. As it was told to me, we are bound to the grave from birth. That may be true, but I believe we can grow old gracefully, beautifully, and in good health, and I believe that with all my heart.

I’ve known people whose appearance were definitely deceiving in terms of looking their age. I don’t think I’ve ever looked younger than my chronological age. It’s nice when others discover your age and are actually taken aback because you look so much younger.

So that tells me that every age group has a look so that a 20-year old should look a certain way and a 35-year old should look a certain way and so on. Okay, I get that there is an aging process and that is what it is. It is a fact of life. However, is there anything we can do to ward off diseases, be able to ride a bike in our 60s and beyond, drive a car until we decide were’re done, healthy eyesight, keep our own teeth, and anything else old age takes away from us?

We may all have to eventually leave this side of life someday, but we should leave knowing we lived life to the full and overflowing. Having lived life to the full and overflowing does not necessarily mean wealth in term of money, not necessarily well traveled, etc, it simply means we lived life in the absence of negative aging.

The Face

Graceful aging is a beautiful thing, but what can we do to slow down the aging of our face and neck. There nothing wrong with wanting to look good on the outside as well as the inside.

When we are young, the fat in the face is evenly distributed. There is just the right amount of plumpness in the cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, etc. With age, the fat loses’ volume and shifts downward so that the skins starts to sag and droop. But then, other parts of the face gain fat, particularly around the jaws, chin and neck.

It doesn’t just stop with the loose skin, wrinkles form too. Those deep ones in the forehead and between the eyebrows are called expression, or animation lines. They’re the result of facial muscles continually tugging on, and eventually creasing, the skin. Other folds may get deeper because of the way fat decreases and moves around. Finer wrinkles are due to sun damage, smoking, and natural degeneration of elements of the skin that keep it thick and supple.

How Can We Help Ourselves

According to Harvard Health Education, keeping our skin protected from the sun, is the single best way of keeping it youthful. Much of the damage to the skin, comes from the UVA part of the light spectrum, so you need to put on sunscreen.

Moisturizers may make wrinkles appear less noticeable. Exfoliant creams can improve the appearance of older skin by getting rid of dead skin cells that don’t slough off as readily as they did when we were young. Prescription creams have been shown to reduce wrinkles and liver spots cause by the sun exposure. Avita, Avage, Renova, Retin-A are the prescription creams that are designed to reduce the wrinkles and liver spots.

These creams contain retinoid compounds related to vitamin A, that seem to work by inducing collagen production in the dermis and altering melanin, the pigment that causes liver spots. Tazarotene and tretinoin are two of the creams used in FDA-approved products.

Injections of botulinum are used to treat the expression lines of the forehead and between the brows. Botulinum works to partially immobilize the muscles that form expression lines so the skin smooths out, although some deep expression lines may not go away. Botox is the most common brand name. Other FDA-approved botulinum toxins brands are Myobloc and Dysport.

Dermal fillers are the most common injections after botulinum toxin. Dermal fillers injections are used mainly for the lines from the nasal to the mouth most commonly called laugh lines and/or the lines from the mouth to the sides of the chin, known as the marionette lines. Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient used in dermal fillers. Like botulinum toxin injections, the effect of the dermal filler shots wears off after several months. With repeat injections it seems to last a little longer.Botox Injection

Lasers can be used to target certain pigments: brown, for getting rid of freckles and liver spots, red, if the target is broken capillaries. When used for resurfacing of the skin, the uppermost layers are stripped away, and with them, wrinkles from sun damage and scars from acne. The energy from some “non ablative” resurfacing lasers passes through the outer layer of the skin to work at a deeper level, in the dermis, to stimulate inflammation, which leads to collagen formation.

The recovery time for most laser treatments can take a couple of weeks to heal, depending on the type and extent of the treatment. The non ablative treatments tend to heal a bit faster.

The Body

There are some exceptional seniors that I feel are exceptional in terms of how fit and toned they are. I recall one episode of the Steve Harvey Talk Show where he brought on a group of senior ladies who were very well-built. Steve Harvey challenged his audience to guest the ages of his guest.

I figured they were older than they looked. I was shocked to find out how much older these ladies actually were. No way would I have guested the oldest age to be 78. All the women were over 60. These ladies looked incredible, they were toned, and youthful.

At the time I watched this show, I was about still youngish. To look like those ladies was my desire. Watching those senior women spoke volumes to the idea that women can be fit and beautiful for many senior years.

Eating healthy is a must, exercise like walking or the exercises from Miranda Edmonds-White. I mention Miranda Edmunds-White because her exercise programs are doable for seniors. Yeah, I said doable for seniors because there are just some exercises I’m will not do.I cannot do this

Products Claims to Keep Us Young

I browse through Facebook almost every day. It may be just a coincident that we’ve been bombarded with products and services during the quarantine. On the other hand, it could be that we have more time to be on our computers, so we notice more. I have seen an assortment of handheld face lifting machines, under eye serum that remove bags and wrinkles in minutes, facial serum and creams that allow you to try for the charge of shipping only, only to be billed a shocking amount if you don’t cancel within 14 days.

There are skin patches for the face, under eyes, neck and declotae that is designed to smooth out the skin. There was a serum that if put on the face that is wrinkled or with large pores, is supposed to make the skin completely smooth immediately. Wigs were advertised and looked extremely natural in the ads. And then you get the wig in the mail, “this can’t be right” you’re saying to yourself.

Different brands of collagen was coming out of the wood works. I do believe collagen is something we should consume daily, but which type is the big question. One brands says we only need types I and III, another brand says, we need types I, II, III, IV. There was one brand that not only said we need all types, but a couple of additional ingredients.

Since I’m not a doctor, it’s best to do your own due diligence and take what’s right for you.

There was one particular ad that was all but believable. This product had nothing to do with beauty, but I must tell you about this. The ad was for a realistic puppy that looked and acted like a real puppy. Talk about adorable…OMG…I want exactly that. As you watched the ad, all you could think of is how can this be…I love it….I want it!

Logic told me that I would probably be wasting my money, but I had to see. Unbeknownst to me, my niece ordered that puppy and posted what she actually got in the mail. The puppy she got in the mail was a joke. The stuffed animal looked like it was purchased at a thrift store, it was terrible. How could this company get away with this?

So, during this quarantine, people are selling and people are buying. Some sellers are flat out using deceptive advertising.


For information on aging beautifully, follow these awesome senior ladies: Barbara Huffman, Suzanne Somers, and Miranda Edmunds-White. I mention these ladies in another one of my blogs, and they are worth repeating. Read Dr. Michael McGregor’s book called How Not to Die.

(If you make a purchase from my links, I do receive a fee – it’s a win-win)

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

/ Editor

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