How to Make the Best of Life

I may have misled some readers. This blog is actually for women who’ve entered their senior years. Actually though, this information could apply to the younger women as well. Why wait until you’re fifty to realize the things you “shouda, coulda, woulda” done. How to make the best of life can apply without age barriers.

Negatives Habits

I used to have the awful habit of quitting every new project I started. Looking back, I didn’t understand why I was so prone to giving up and I still can’t explain why I couldn’t see things through to completion. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t give up every endeavor I started, just some.  Bad habits can cause you to miss out in life.  

I belong to a very large church organization. I’m talking churches throughout the USA and in other countries. I’m talking thousands of churches and millions of members. A job offer was presented to me as a sales representative that entailed selling merchant services to businesses.

A light bulb went on in my head  — “churches should have the ability to accept credit cards from its members”. Opening up the use of credit card giving to congregants is convenient and ultimately would increase individual giving amount. Guess what… I didn’t follow through on my good idea.

Now days, credit card giving is a part of most congregations. That was a missed opportunity which would have been a win-win for me and the churches.

Bad habits breed slothfulness, lack of motivation, haphazard work or projects, putting things off for tomorrow, lackadaisical attitude and the like.

As we enter this new phase of life, let us put on a new attitude.  

Put On a New Attitude

-Because I honor and serve the Most High God, I must say “put God first in your life” In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your path. Putting God first is not to the neglect of family.

-Make yourself a priority in terms of health and happiness. You’re no good to yourself or others if you tend towards negativity and poor health.

-Make your health and well-being a to-do every day. Most diseases are lifestyle related, especially our eating habits. There is a myriad of information on eating healthy. Incorporate exercise as part of your lifestyle. It does not take strenuous movement to be healthy. Walking, stretching, and maybe some aerobics or even dancing is a great way to not be sedentary

-Family and friends are your support system whether you know it or not. I can’t imagine living life without family and friends who love and care about me and me loving family and caring for friends. We are here to minister and give to others, and not just for ourselves.

-Don’t allow negative attitude to ruin you and keep you from accomplishing what you desire to do. How many times have you spent talking with someone whose conversations were continually negative. People can be quick to point out what is wrong and not rather what can be done to make things right when it’s in their power to do so.

-Stop making excuses for keeping people who are toxic in your life. Do your part in turning negative conversation into an opportunity to build up.  Being positive and a lifter upper just might cause someone who is negative to turn their talk to something good.

-To tell a person “no” can be difficult. Especially when it comes to family and close friends. There are ways to use words that say no, but in a kind and explanatory way.

-You may have to reprogram your brain to think and say words that edify.  whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

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-Start a gratitude journal. Every day write something down that you are grateful for. I remember that whenever I’ve had a long day and am very tired, I can’t help but to thank God for my bed and the blankets that are so soft and warm. This is something that is not afforded to some people. That is why I have to say “thank you, God”.

-How many times have you said, “I wish I had; or I should have; or I can’t; or I’m too old” Those very words have passed through my thoughts. I rarely spoke those words out loud, only in my head. I felt like if I said those kinds of words out loud, then they would be true. It’s important to get rid of or counteract negative thinking with positive thinking. Practice and repeat.

-Take responsibility when things don’t workout. I was good at coming up with excuses, even when the only way to make something an excuse was to magnify my reasoning to myself. There’s an expression that says “when you want something or want to do something bad enough, you will absolutely find a way. I’ve blamed my deceased husband, my lack of resources, my old car, and anything else I could blame for my setbacks. I don’t do that anymore, and neither should you

-Don’t under value yourself – believe in your ability. People who are shy or who are introverts under value themselves more often than not. I will admit that some people are just talented or gifted to do certain things. If you have that spirit of shyness, it’s going to take pushing yourself to do what you would not ordinarily do.

In a banquet hall full of people, I spoke at the podium. I said to myself as I stepped forward, “self, speak into the mic, pronounce your words, use hand movements on occasion, and think before you say it.  People complimented me afterwards.

-Do you find it difficult to forgive. Do you find yourself willing to forgive but you still have spirit of revenge. I don’t mean like an all out war, but things like “well she/he didn’t invite me so I’m not going to invite them”. You know, petty stuff. I’ve heard it said that forgiving is for the forgiver more than the forgivee. Even if your apology is not excepted, you’ve been relieved from the sin of unforgiveness.

-Fulfill your dreams. Start with something attainable like making your bedroom a relaxing retreat. Decorate your living room, take a ‘how to course”, plan a trip somewhere, there might be a book in you. You are highly intelligent and a creative being. You can do it if you want it bad enough.

-Take a walk through Gods handiwork. Walking through the arboretum with its many flowers, greenery, and trees gives me a sense of what paradise may be like. Some people prefer hiking through wooded areas or climbing mountains. These are all Gods awesome handiwork…nothing but natural.

-Remember that life and all it has to offer is fleeting, so don’t take things so seriously. It’s okay to laugh things off sometimes. The past cannot be changed. All we have is the now. The Word of God says to occupy until I come.

Therefore, in the meantime, live life for today, but always looking ahead to the future.


A world of opportunities opens up as you enter your senior years. In most cases, the kids are grown, you may be a grandparent, but parenting responsibilities are pretty much over. We love our grand kids and we’re there for them and we have life to live.

Today, there are entire web sites, companies, and services devoted to the over-50 demographic. Find your niche in that market.

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Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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