I Love My Shoes

OMG! I love, love shoe shopping. I’m a Senior lady but the passion is still there. I can’t help it, I love shoes .  Granted I no longer wear the 5-inch heels anymore, but I’m holding steady at 4 — maybe 4 1/2.  How are you ladies handling wearing high heel shoes…if at all?

In Remembrance

Do you remember your first pair of heels? I remember my first pair vividly. They were beige with a one inch heel, and boy, were they snappy looking or super cute, which is a description used today.

Those shoes, in my opinion, were so unusually stylish that from that time, my shoe shopping was forever changed. From that time forward, I looked for the unusual, the special, and the different.

Back in the 60s, girls were not allowed to wear pants to school.  So we wore suits, pretty dresses, stockings, heels, etc.  Some girls wore some of the cutest outfits. My clothes were mostly used but very nice looking thanks to my aunt’s. My Mom would take in the clothes they gave me, and I was happy with that.

Because we wore dresses and skirts back then, we wore shoes according to how we were dressed. We wore from white tennis shoes to heels with stockings as I stated before.  We even wore stockings with our tennis shoe.

Girls would envy other girls for their shoes and clothes. There were always those few girls who dressed to the nine everyday. I didn’t always dress for success, but I was shoes perfect. So, as a girl from a low income family, I didn’t do too bad when it came to wearing stylish shoes.

My Online Shoe Store

I do a lot of online shopping.  As much as I love mall-ing it for shoes, I do just as much, if not more, online shoe shopping.    Not only do I love awesome shoes, but I love good shoe deals even better.

I have a recommendation that I’d like to share. The great thing about this company is they will pay you a referral fee for sending them customers.   Wow! A great place to shop for shoes, tell your friends, then get paid when they purchase shoes.

Just Fab –  not only does this place sell shoes, they sell purses, and some clothes (the clothes are not as great as their shoes).

They ask you to sign up to be able to get your first pair for $10.00. After that, you can purchase shoes, boots or tennis shoes at their regular price.

Every month, you’ll be ask to purchase at least one pair of shoes. If for whatever reason you don’t want to buy anything,  simply hit the “skip the month button”.

They are just fabulous shoes. You can refer your friends to “Just Fab” and receive a referral fee.

The best part for me, are the sales. They have the best shoe sales.  As I previously stated, it’s not just shoes, there are handbags, clothes and outerwear.

During one of their sales, I purchased 2 pairs of oxfords that were normally $39.99 each, for $15.00 each. You can look forward to some fabulous buys as a member shopper. 

Keeping It Classy

Sidebar: being a Senior doesn’t mean we stop looking and feeling good about ourselves and what we wear — from our hair down to our shoes, keep it Classy.   As a Senior lady (depending on how senior you are), you may have to start toning it down a bit.

Here’s an example of what I mean — I purchased a pair of boots that had a 5 inch heel. At the time I thought nothing of the heel maybe being to high for me. Anyway, I didn’t try them on when they arrived. I simply put them in my closet and didn’t pull them out until the following fall season.

OMG! I put those boots on and it felt like I was walking on stilts. I think my head was actually spinning…I think those boots were actually 51/2 inches high.

I decided to wear the boots out, hoping I would adjust.  Once I reached my destination, I immediately took those boots off and put on the flats I brought with me.

I gave the boots to my twenty-something niece, and she wore them with no problem (grrrrr!). Why couldn’t I walk in my boots, why did they hurt my feet.  They were exactly my size.   Was it me getting older or was it the boots?

I don’t know what was wrong, but since then (with some weight loss) I can now walk in 5 inch heels, but I decided not to push it and keep it no higher than 4 inches. 

Some fashion items are no longer age appropriate for me.  Then again, it can depend on how conservative the fashion item is. 

That is my opinion and conviction.  So my Classy Sisters, keep it classy, age appropriate, and comfortable.

PS:  a little humor — these shoes actually exist?  Look:


Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing



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