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It stands to reason that if you improve your mind you improve your life. Take advantage of the stay at home situation that the virus created and fill your mind with knowledge.

Covid-19 Has Started a Trend

Recently, I was viewing online sales stats during the virus crisis, as compared to prior to Covid-19, E-Learning has increased since the virus upwards of 300%, maybe more. It has been predicted that E-Learning will be around even after the virus turmoil.

So what is my point? My point is, that people want and need to improve their minds, they want to self improve, they need to up their skills to keep their jobs or for a better job, or even to start their own business. E-Learning can be from online classes, e-books, and/or hardcover books.

This is a positive effect of the virus. Self improvement is always in order. Besides improving the mind, another side effect of the virus is weight gain.

I attended an affair with other relatives that I had not been in physical contact with since the states’ safer at home order. We all wore mask, and everyone’s temperature was taken before we entered the building. A nephew of mine came and greeted me. I couldn’t tell if he was another nephew because of his mask. I called him by the other nephew’s name.

Here’s my point, I have never seen him look so round and plump. I continued to greet other relatives and couldn’t help but notice how many of them were very noticeably larger than they were a few months ago. My brother mentioned how being stuck at home has caused us to sit around and eat. We’ve come to recognize that we must stay active and reduce our consumption of fatty foods as much as we can.

As an affiliate marketer, I’ve noticed that the sales of exercise equipment has soared. Some places are even selling out. So there, now we have two areas of self-improvement, mind and body.

The Mind Is Not a Good Thing to Waste

It was our plan to move out of the 3 bedroom apartment we were living in, to a house, with much more room. Mission accomplished. We wanted to either giveaway or toss as much unused stuff as possible. Then, I got to my books. You don’t throw books away, you shelve them or give them away once your done.

After we moved and got settled in, I thought about my books. Why haven’t I been reading my books, I asked myself. After all, I have the time.

Side story: A young mother at the church I attended, would bring her 3 kids with here. There was this one occasion where the only available seats were on the front row. My church held about 75 people, and the front row was pretty close to the area where the Pastor would speak.

The kids took their books out of their backpacks and began to read, right there on the front row. Although they were quiet and well-behaved, what they were doing was distracting and in my opinion, rude. It would have been different if they sat on the back row.

Even though what the kids did and what the Mom allowed was distracting to the speaker, I was even more surprised at their interest in reading. On a lighter note, they were good kids, they love sports, and helped their Mom around the house, and Mom was involved in the activities that they loved.  The emphasis was on their love of reading.  Develop Your Mind

How Important Is Mind Development?

When do parents start reading to their baby’s? My son and his wife would read to my granddaughter even when I thought she was too young. I was evidently wrong, because she was a fast developer. Her love of words, and putting names to object and animals amazed me. She’s a young toddler now and continues to amaze and surprise us all. So I have to wonder, if reading to her played a part in her awesome development?

Conversely, I have another granddaughter who is older and did not get the same reading development as her younger cousin. This granddaughter struggled in kindergarten when it came to words and numbers. She’s doing better, but I now regret not being involved in getting her involved in reading much sooner.

Some people have a fondness for reading. Reading stimulates the mind’s creativity and takes you places you never thought you’d ever see. Have you ever read something and then later you had to really think whether you were there or was it something you read about. I found myself in this dilemma before. That’s just how strong of an affect reading and the imagination can have.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade or Lemon Pie

I am by no means comparing the evil Corona Virus with lemons, but I am saying how those who are staying home can make a bad situation work in their favor. Staying home and committing to reading to develop ourselves more, but, I bet each of us have plenty we can do around the house.

Isn’t it amazing how we can take a time of turmoil and sadness and use it for personal growth. I read where during times of financial crisis, people actually have launched successful businesses.

Reading can be for entertainment or for getting information. I remember reading many paperback fiction novels. That was purely for entertainment, but it stimulated my imagination so, that I loved reading. I slipped away from reading so much, what with kids and work.

I still have kids, grand kids that is, but during this Covid crisis, I have the time again. It’s time for me to revisit my boxes of books and there’s also e-books on the internet. There is really no excuse for not having anything to read and there is no reason for not improving your mind, thus improving your life.


During this time of staying home, our creativity can be free to blossom into fruition. I’m using YouTube to rekindle my crocheting skills and to learn how to grow vegetables and herbs, I ordered an e-book. There’s probably an e-book, a book, or YouTube video for any subject of interest to anybody.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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