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I will not assume that just because you are 50 or over, that you have grandchildren. However, more likely than not, you have grand kids. When you’re a grandparent, there is something special about shopping for a grandchild, especially for birthdays and Christmas.

If that’s not the case for you, then you may not want to read any further, or you can skip the grand kids gift ideas.


There are so many great places to shop online. I especially keep a list of those that ship free, and sell at affordable prices. I recently found one such site, or maybe they found me. (I was probably on someone’s email list). Anyway, it’s not always a nuisance to get email advertisement, but mostly it is. Chances are I was bored and decided to click on this particular email ad for jclub.com and I’m glad I did.

This site features events shopping, something like a promotion. There is a Trending category, Bestsellers, Electronics, Women, Home, Jewelry, Lifestyle, Men, Pets, Kids, and Clearance. The prices are very affordable, shipping is free, free 30 day returns, and more.

I was so impressed by this site, that I became one of their marketers, meaning I get paid for referring my readers to their site.

I’ve also listed products from Amazon

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids

Being a grandparent keeps me in the loop of certain things in life, like when my own children were young…they kept be abreast of their lingo.

Keeping up with these changing times can be exhausting. Anything online that I’m not sure of, I simply ask my grand kids…issues with my cell phone, I ask my grand kids.

So when it comes to knowing what kids want as gifts, I have a few answers (though not claiming to be an expert). I have 2 grand girls who are 9 and 11, then there’s the 9 year old grandson, 5 year old grand girl, and a teenage boy. So if you need some gift ideas, here it is. Disclaimer: I’m not always right.

Cell Phones (of course) the newer the better

Headphone or airpods


Flying Tech Toys – prices vary depending on sophistication of item

Baby Alive Doll

Little girls still want dolls that are almost alive – these dolls vary and so does the price – this one actually blinks, sucks bottle, eats, says momma…

Barbie Dream House – $34.99  and up

American Girl Doll with the accessories

Little boys want Remote Control – pretty much anything

Bikes are still in

Barbie Dreamhouse


Newer skate boards (a little more hi-tech)

Walking & Roaring Dinosaur – Assorted Styles

Kids’ Virtual Reality Headset with Companion Animal Cards & App

There’s also those toys they don’t know they want until you buy them and they actually play with them.

To be honest, jclub.com doesn’t have a large variety of toys, but Amazon and Walmart does.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Everyone Else

A popular gift idea is the fitness/or activity tracker. It keeps track of your step by step activities, monitor your heart rate, monitors blood pressure, receive notifications depending on what type of watch you purchase.

Paparazzi $5 Jewelry (I’m a Consultant) my website is called,


350° HD Mirror Dash Cam with Motion Detection – $59.99

Bluetooth Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker & Camera – Assorted Colors $69.99

Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine- $259.99

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Pets

Pooper Scooter with Waste Bag Holder – $24.95

Pet Backpack Carrier – Assorted Styles – $39.99

Don’t Forget Gift Ideas For Yourself, Your Home, Your Well Being

Jewelry Organizer (vs jewelry box) this has eighty clear pockets to keep jewelry separated and easy to find Amazon.com

$59.99 on Amazon

Handbag ( I just had to show you this one)

Women’s Kimono Robe – $98.00

2-in-1 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier & Aromatherapy Diffuser – $39.99

3-Piece Set: Ultra-Plush Sherpa-Style Comforter & Shams – $45.99 give your bed that spa/resort look

Bluetooth Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker & Camera – Assorted Colors $69.99

1.5ct Genuine Blue Diamond Tia Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver – $99.99 splurge!

Gift CardsAmazon.com Gift Card in a Red Gift Box Reveal

I’ve heard it said that giving a gift card is the lazy way out of giving a thoughtful gift, and that it really doesn’t take any thought at all. Well, I beg to differ. Gift cards work for me, because they allow me to get exactly what I want or need sometimes. How do you feel about receiving a gift card as a gift?

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing


the Good Stewart

PS: any item where you are able to tap and be taken to that site, I receive a referral fee from that company.


  • Michelle

    Hello Patti,
    I totally get it about being on someone’s mailing list…yup, we get a lot of that indeed. Very interesting site. I am not a shopper per se, so I will check it out. I like to just walk into a store with my list, get my stuff and leave. Being able to shop online reduces the ‘crowd’ element and gives me time to ‘browse’.
    Thnx for the suggestion.

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