My Coffee Maker Review

What difference does it make what type or what brand of coffee maker you use? I used to think that way, and I still kind of think that way, only because I’m not convinced that one coffee maker makes better coffee than that coffee maker.

My Recommendation

  • Black and Decker DCM18S Brew’n Go Coffee Maker With Travel Mug – Black Stainless Steel
  • By Black and Decker
  • $19.99 on Amazon.com
  • 6,210 Review (highest average rating is 4 starts)

What I Like About You (Coffee)

I love my cup of coffee in the morning! I’m hooked on Hazelnut flavored cream and I do not add sugar (cream is sweet enough).  I’m not opposed to other flavors, but Hazelnut stands out from all the rest.

What makes coffee so appealing to so many? For me, coffee is a comfort drink. It’s to share conversation whether business or pleasure, sitting at a table. It helps some people to stay awake when necessary, and for some it actually doesn’t bother their sleep pattern.

Unfortunately for some, it’s addicting and that’s not good. One cup does it for me, unless I’m out to dinner with friends. It’s a fun drink when consumed in moderation.

Without Further Ado

Here is my very simple review on coffee makers and why I chose the Black and Decker Brew’n Go. As senior ladies, we are quite familiar with the coffee makers that use the carafe. I worked in corporate American for years and became a coffee drinker shortly after joining the rat race.  In almost all the cubicles, there was the coffee maker that used the carafe jar (didn’t use instant) along with cream and sugar.

Fast forward:  a while back, I visited the office of my son.   It was a new start up company, with a few employees and a chef who cooked breakfast and lunch for the workers.  There were no cubicles, just one main area where everyone who drank coffee could help themselves.

Every one there appeared to be under 40.  No instant coffee, and no carafe coffee maker for these kids.  They used the Keurig with a variety of flavored pods.  I’m not saying that the carafe coffee maker is obsolete, because it isn’t…… people just like to try the latest thing, and the Keurig was the latest.

Right then and there, I said to myself, “I love this coffee maker”.
I was impressed with the options of having different flavored coffee and if you wanted tea, just let the hot water drip into your cup.

Does the Type of Coffee Maker Make a Difference in the Taste?

I remember reading some time ago in Consumer Report Magazine that the Bunn Maker Coffee w/Carafe was very highly rated. It mentioned how the coffee machine you used, made a difference in the taste of the coffee.

In my mind, one coffee maker was as good as the next, as long as it brewed hot coffee. I know some will not agree, which is OK with me. I’m not trying to convince anyone one way or the other.

Another important point is the price. The prices of the coffee makers including carafe can vary significantly.  Case in point are the coffee makers that come with the carafe jar for home use……price could be as low as $25.00 (maybe even lower) and as much as over $100.00.

More Expensive Does Not Necessarily Mean Better

Please know that price does not always determine the superiority of a product. Because of my budget, I’m always looking for the lower priced alternative on the products I buy.   Quality and Prices usually determine my purchase decision. There are times when I have to say “cheap it is” and set quality aside. I figure if I’m careful in my use of a product, it will last longer, even when it’s cheap.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Anyone who owns a coffee maker that uses the pod, most likely has a Keurig. Just like the carafe coffee makers, Keurig has different price points. I know using pods are more expensive than using the traditional way of brewing, but you can’t beat the convenience of the pods.

As a general rule, as long as you can afford it, people will pay a little extra for convenience. I bought a Keurig for under $100 dollars….the newer one is over $100 dollars. I like my Keurig, I like the ease of dropping in the pod (different flavors), I like the choice of colors and I like having the latest thing.

My Coffee Maker – My First Love

Even though I have a Keurig, my first love is the much cheaper single serve coffee maker that has a basket to put the grounds into. Every morning I fill the cup that came with the machine with water, pour the water into the water reservoir, add two tablespoons (I use measuring spoon) of coffee into the basket, close the lid, and plug it in and let it brew.

Aah! good coffee, so simple, so fast!

Finally, My Sisters

Products we purchase, no matter how well-made, will eventually stop working. My Keurig is not a year old yet, and thank goodness, it’s still working. My much cheaper single serve is a little more than 2 years old and still working just fine.

For me, giving up certain foods that didn’t seem harmful in my younger years, means I’m aiming to live a longer healthier life. I am just grateful that coffee is not on the “give it up” list.

It’s my desire to be a blessing and assist other senior ladies (and others if the subject fits).  As always, there’s more subject matter to come!

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing


the Good Stewart




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