My Fat Belly

My title is so unclassy.  Seriously,  my fat belly and classy senior sister just don’t seem to go together.  However, in reality it’s during our Senior years that our figures start to change because of the belly fat.

What Happened to My Figure? 

As we age our metabolism naturally slows down and total body fat gradually increases.  Hormones and hormonal changes as well as stress can affect belly fat accumulation.

So you see ladies, we grow up, we’re young and beautiful, all parts of our bodies are firm and in their proper places.  Isn’t it amazing how we could go braless and not give it a second thought about hanging?

Breast feeding has literally suck the life out of our firm uplifted breast.  This doesn’t happen to all women though, some ladies exercise, wear a bra to bed, and wear a girdle to flatten the tummy.

I’m not sure if those techniques actually worked.

What Happened to My Figure? – Ask Menopause!

Body fat distribution changes during menopause, which causes more fat to be directed to the abdomen.  Women with a waist measurement of more than 35 inches are more prone to disease risk.

During menopause, estrogen levels decline—you gain belly fat.  Estrogen loss is in fact, the main driver of menopausal fat gain.  (see, I told ya)

Side bar: Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone that is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics.

Dangerous Fat

Visceral is another name for fat that accumulates around the middle of the body.  This fat is stored within the abdominal cavity.

It’s located near several vital organs, including the liver, stomach, and intestines.  It can also show up in the arteries.

Visceral fat is extremely receptive to exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.  With each pound you lose, you lose some visceral fat (I can personally attest to that).

The stress hormone cortisol, can increase how much fat the body stores.  So reducing stress in your life can make it easier to lose it.  Practice meditation, deep breathing and stress management tactics.

Add to the stress management a well-balanced diet.  Eliminate processed, high-sugar, high-fat foods from your diet and include more lean products, vegetables, and complex carbs like sweet potatoes, beans, and lentils.

Blame It On Carbs

Even though I personally blame menopause for my belly ills, eating badly means it’s probably partially my fault.

Carbs can make us fat!  Too much carbs in our diet is the reason we get fat.  When carbs go down, you are going to become leaner.  On the other hand, increase your carbs and you’re going to increase your fat.  When we take in carbs, blood sugar spikes.  When blood sugar increases, it causes our pancreas to secrete insulin into the blood stream.

If you know someone personally who is diabetic, you’ve probably seen them inject themselves with insulin, or eat something to produce more insulin.  If not enough insulin is in the body, the high blood sugar would be toxic.  This is why diabetics need to add insulin to their bodies so they can stay alive and function.

Belly Fat Burning Diet

I can do it, so can you (I believe, therefore I have spoken).  To be honest, I still have more to lose.  I keep getting caught up in eating somethings I shouldn’t, like cheesecake.  I’m still maintaining my weight loss even though I eat sugary and high simple carbohydrates occasionally.  There is hope.

The Fat Decimator System promises to:

  • Jumpstart the metabolism into a 24 hour fat burning machine.
  • Maintain healthy cellular levels that fight diseases.
  • Eradicate toxins that are sticking to your arteries so you can look and feel decades younger

It is amazing how much fat you can burn when you restrict carbs from your diet.  Every tiny detail of the body requires fuel.  On the Fat Decimator System you’ll use nothing but stored gross fat to keep your body functioning.  Shedding pounds on the Fat Decimator System is going to be done through strategic eating.

Reduction in carbs will be combined with eating specfic proteins and fats that are consumed in proper amounts at just the right times.

Carbs are not essential to the human body but we are unable to live without protein and fats.  This part is amazing in that we could eat all of the carbs that we want and we could still die from starvation if we did not have fat and protein in our diet.

The restriction of carbs in this diet is because it immediately stops adding to the fat cells we have and it forces the body to start burning fat for daily energy needs.  Click here to try the Fat Decimator System.

Should you decide to try the Fat Decimator System, you’ll discover their ad is a little long winded, but very interesting.  However, if you don’t want to read their complete story about the product, just scroll until you get to where you want to be.

What Say You?

Are there any Classy Senior Sisters out there who have experienced good success with loosing weight…..especially around the middle?  Lend us your wisdom and experience in the comments section below.  I welcome your comments!

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

Patti B

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