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What a time we are living in.  I don’t want to dwell on the sadness, we hear enough about that daily.  Having to stay at home was and is becoming exhausting..  I found myself needing some stay at home clothes.

Not So Fun Anymore

Being able to have days on end to yourself sounds more like a fantasy.  That is until the Covid pandemic hit us. I personally have time to spare.  I’ve take out time to read more facebook post.  People were sharing how they weren’t getting out of bed until after noon, others spoke of laying around in the sleeping clothes, still others had children to teach and entertain.

Many people were able to keep their jobs on a work at home basis.  I think I would have liked that.  The biggest reason for the desire to work at home was to avoid the commute.  Think of the money work at home employees must be saving.  Gas, wear on their cars, babysitters, coffee and muffins, in the morning, and lunch.  Sounds awesome, huh?

Then there’s people like me who didn’t have a 9 to 5, but still had daily commitments none the less.  I found myself sleeping later and later in the day, which meant I didn’t shower and change clothes until it was a few hours away from bedtime.  I was loving it for a while.  Then my attitude began to change.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Was it possible to actually be weary of so much me time?  There were some days when I felt guilty for not having some place to go or something to do.  For me, Tuesdays and Sundays were the days I attended church.  I no longer had to get up and get dressed for services.  It was and is unbelievable, not real.  Seeing people around you wearing masks was one of those surreal things too.

Day after day, the same things.  My good thing was turning into “when will this be over”?  Don’t get me wrong, I would do “safer at home” for as long as it takes.  Staying at home was the right thing to do, however, it didn’t make staying at home any less mind numbing though.

TV programs and commercials were doing their part in keeping people encouraged and entertained with slogans like:   alone together; we’re in this together; safer at home and others.

Running Out of Clothes

At my house, we were being responsible by staying in and only going out to the store, and we did, we wore our masks.  They wouldn’t let us in if we didn’t.  While being responsible and staying in, I realized I needed some casual clothes.  I was able to dig up a few of my husband’s old shirts and a few pairs of sport pants.  I still don’t know where those pants had been before the stay at home phase of the pandemic.

I thought about adorning myself with my old business casual clothes, but I really wanted to be a little more relaxed than that.  Laying around in the clothes I slept in started to get on my nerves.  Like I said, the shirts and pants I found were okay, but I absolutely needed more.

My son surprised me with 2 casual pants outfits, which were just what I needed.  I guess my need was beginning to show.  I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I did some searching online.  People may think of Walmart or Amazon when it comes to deals, but there are other shops out there waiting to be discovered by people like you and me.

I’ve shopped around online for clothes that would be comfortable for lounging at home and running errands, and reasonably priced.  Surprisingly enough, I found a few pieces on ebay!


Being a blogger affords me the opportunity to come across products and services I may never had known existed.  I’m sure I’ve just touched the surface of what’s available.  I still use Amazon quite a bit, but they are so large —  sometimes you just want to go specialty shopping.

BTW:  sign up and shop through Rakuten.  Whenever you get ready to go shopping, check with Rakuten to see if there is a rebate offer connected to the store you plan to shop at. 

Qualifying purchases can be online or walk in.  If you’re going shopping anyway, why not get some of your dollars back into your pocket.  You must sign up first.

(I receive a fee for purchases made using the links on this site…it’s a win-win)

I want to hear from you and where you shop.  By all means, leave a comment.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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