Thanksgiving Day Prep

Is preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner fun for you like it is for me? When you plan ahead, you will do well. .

Plan Ahead

How far in advance should you start you Thanksgiving Day prep? Since you know you better than anyone else, you decide. Purchasing certain necessary items well in advance, will help to not put a strain on your holiday purchases the week or days before Thanksgiving.

Take stock of your cookware in terms of size and usage. Determine if an upgrade or replacement is in order. Sometimes you don’t need a whole new set for instance, maybe you need a large enough pot to brine your turkey. I lost my mixer somehow in one of our moves to a new residence, I had to use my wire whip instead. It pays to check your inventory of tools you will need.

By all means, have your seasonings in place. Some of the seasonings to be sure you have are: salt, pepper, garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, onion salt, parsley, thyme, sage, turkey seasoning, onion soup mix, vegetable soup mix, vinegar, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, and whatever else you may need.

Be a Safe Hostess

If anyone should happen to read this long after the pandemic is over, they will probably wonder why does the sub heading say “be a safe hostess”. The person who reads this now, or even next year will know exactly what the sub title means.

I visited my sister a few weeks ago because she had recently been released from the hospital. Her dutiful daughter wanting to keep her mother safe took precautions because there were several relatives in total who would be visiting. My niece made sure we all wore mask, she ushered us to the bathroom and had us wash our hands and gargle with peroxide and water. Once we did all of that, we could remove our mask if we wanted to.

Gargling with water and peroxide kills germs. She learned this from working at a dental office as a dental assistant. My sister and all of us had a good time. Peroxide and water….you learn something new as you go through life. I went to another family gathering and our temperatures were taken as we entered the church for a final farewell to a relative.

I mentioned those incidences because even though we were family, we still took precautions. So if you plan to host a large family gathering, it may just be prudent and safe to take steps to keep everyone safe.

Watch YouTube.com

Watching HGTV and food shows has been such a help to me. Youtube.com has a video for just about any subject you can think of. When it comes to good cooks, I am the least among all my sisters. Therefore, I use  help from others who are good cooks.

I discovered a young lady by the name of Gina Young who prepares dishes from her recipes on YouTube.com. My Thanksgiving dressing was always lacking, my greens and potato salads were just so-so. I am ready this year though, I’m making the Gina Young dressing and banana pudding for dessert.

Thanksgiving, Givingthanks

Giviving thanks to the Most High God with a grateful heart makes room for even more blessings. Give thanks in the midst of sadness, hurt, sickness, and even in life loss. Life is not fair, life is chocked full of good and plenty of bad. I’ve learned to give thanks and pray my way through life. This makes sense because God is The God of everything and everyone.

From humankind to humankind, we’re here to lift each other up. This is why we have medical professionals, teachers, soup kitchens and their volunteers, charitable organizations, whose sole purpose is to serve humankind.

My Prayer for You

To every person on the planet, I pray that you come to know the Lord Jesus in parting from sin. It’s as simple as believing on Jesus, and that God sent him to earth as a sacrifice for our sin. Accept Him as your personal savior, read His Word to know his will.

The Lord bless you and keep you. May God make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift up His continence upon, May He give you peace.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing



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