Time To Watch TV

I’m sure most people have a lot of “safer at home” stories. I must admit, I’ve gotten to know what’s on TV a lot more, and kudos to the TV entertainment industry for coming up with programs to keep us entertained. We now have the time to watch more TV.

Something Is MissingTime to Watch TV

When ever I had a not so busy day, I would turn on the TV set and watch reruns of I Love Lucy. It used to come on in the morning hours faithfully for a long time. Some of you may know that there was I Love Lucy and then there was The Lucy Show.

Odd thing is, as much as I loved watching Lucy, I never really got hook on The Lucy Show. Could it have been because I missed Ricky and Fred? Maybe, but I not sure. I just know I loved watching Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, and Fred.

Anyway, my point is, now that I really have the time, the show is not on my cable TV. If my memory serves me correctly, it came on channel eleven. Channel eleven is a local channel, but it comes with my cable service.

I Love Lucy has gone missing, but I will find her.

Another One of My Favorites

I so happy that reruns of The Golden Girls are still running. My adult kids still talk about how I used to watched The Golden Girls when they were younger. I had to break the news that all but one of them have passed away. When I first started watching the show, I didn’t know they were as young as I recently found out they were back then.

Blanche was the youngest, and I think she may have been in her late forties, Rose may have been in her early 50s and Dorothy was no older than 55. Sophia was probably playing a woman in her late 70s.

The Golden Girls is another show that I simply love watching. Sometimes, there’s even a marathon.

My TV Genres

My favorite shows to watch are sitcoms, black and white classic movies, romance, and The Young and The Restless. Sitcoms take me away from the harsh realities of life, if only for 30 minutes. The old black and white classics became a part of my viewing because I watched them with my mother in my much younger years.

After all these years, I still watch The Young and the Restless. The only time I was able to get into the story line was when I was on maternity leave, vacation, or sick at home. The characters have changed, gotten older, passed away, but the show is still hot.

I’m a RomanticHallmark Romance Movies

What do you think of when you hear Lifetime Movies, or Hallmark Movies? Love stories of course! They feature stories for every season. Some of the story lines are a lot alike so that you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen.

In many of the story lines, there’s a city single lady or single man, who goes home to the country for various reasons and ends up finding romance. There’s even the “‘getting married” story line, but then, one finds their true true love with someone else sometimes weeks and even days before the wedding.

I have discovered that I’m not the only one who is a romantic.

Honorable Mention

Have you ever sat through an hour or 3 of the shopping networks.  I’m a buyer, but with so much time to watch TV, be wary of over spending.

HGTV is a popular show.  Jonathan and Drew are awesome.  I’d love to have them decorate my house.  I miss Susanne Whang, the host of House Hunters, I was so sorry to learn of her passing.  Guessing which house the house hunters would purchase was fun.

I get my morning Word from the religious station.  Two of my main preachers are Bishop I.V. Hilliard and Dr. Charles Stanley.

My constant news station was channel 11 until Dorothy and Jillian were taken of the show.  Steven Edwards is still there.  I watch channel 5 now.


Being safer at home has given us more time to do and discover things right in our own homes. I’m not just talking about what’s on TV, but things around the house to fix, update, rearrange, clean out, etc. I mentioned TV more because I was wondering what happen to I Love Lucy.

My thoughts went on from there about old shows and new movies that I’m able to watch because I have the time. There is an attachment for TV  because it  allow you to watch some of the latest movies — it’s amazing.

I’m not as much into the new movies as my kids and grand kids are — I admit it, I’m old school.  Give me Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers anytime over the latest Spiderman movie.

Since I will continue to do “safer at home”, who knows, maybe I Love Lucy will come back.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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