To My Classy Sassy Senior Sisters

You are a rose in bloom!

Each year that we celebrate (or not celebrate) another year of life is a true blessing and gift from God. Many of my friends in their 50s and 60s still look pretty darn good. I’m evaluating from the outward appearances, because….there are things going on inside of our bodies…the unseen.

Changing On the Inside

I’m talking about things of a biological nature. I mean bad things…..well actually some good things and some not so good. The medical term for this phenomenon is Menopause or more popularly known as the Change. Menopausal symptoms include weight gain for no apparent reason, swollen ankles, sleeplessness, feeling heat rise from your feet until it explodes like a fire through the top of your head, all the while your customer is staring at you while you sweat profusely and fanning at the same time. Yes, that was a flashback; a very embarrassing flashback from when I worked at a bank.

Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy (Oh, and Sophia)

I think I may have watched every episode of the Golden Girls. Blanche was the Sassy one, and Rose….well she was there and Dorothy was the voice of reason with a sharp tongue.  There was an episode where the focus was on Blanche’s Change of life. It all started when Blanche frantically declared that she might be pregnant, because apparently she was still having periods. So when her cycle didn’t come, she naturally thought she was pregnant. After all, she was very sexually active.

She finally went to the doctor and found that she was simply going through the Change or Menopause. Holy cow, the way she acted you would have thought she only had a short time to live. Blanche eventually calmed herself down long enough to discuss this matter with her two closest friends, Rose and Dorothy. I’ll say that Dorothy was the Classy one and Sophia was full of old world stories, even if she made them up.   Like the doctor who examined Blanche said, it simply means you can no longer have babies; and Dorothy added, you don’t have the bloasts and cramps anymore; and no more worrying about getting pregnant! Yay!

Rose said she never went through the crazy menopausal fiascoes that Dorothy went through and what Blanche was currently going through. Rose said she only got one hot flash and that was it. (I stick my tongue out at Miss Rose).

I was Blanche


Not unlike Blanche I thought I was pregnant in my 50s. My periods were getting lighter and shorter in duration but I didn’t mind; as a matter of fact I was loving it. Then one month it looked like no period at all, that scared the heck out of me. I thought to myself oh no I can’t be pregnant. In my head I was screaming!

No worries….my little monthly friend came late, extremely late and lasted only two days. That was odd, but at least I wasn’t pregnant. Guess what? I was really kind of sad that there was no baby. I went to my doctor for a regular visit. I suspected he knew the Change was happening. Because he sent me to the lab for blood test which at the time was not what he usually did.

The lab representative gave me the results written on paper. It said you are in menopause and your cholesterol is a little high and you need to change your diet! Yikes! Menopause had never even entered my mind. From that moment on I was pretty much on my own to figure it out.

Baby Dreams

During the time of my Change I had several baby dreams. In my dreams the baby appeared to be a girl, an adorable little girl. I never had a little girl of my own so I think that was why I was a little sad when there was no baby.

Don’t Call Me Big Mama!

Turns out those baby dreams I had was not for naught. So here it is: I went from not being pregnant, to menopause, to grandma. It was one of those “it is what it is,” type of situations. I really had no choice in the matter. I couldn’t stop the aging process, I excepted I was going to be a grandmother. The one thing I could control was “don’t call me Big Mamma”. (That was another name for grandmother, in case you didn’t know). And by the way, my grandbaby looked like the baby in my dreams except she turned out to be a boy!

Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me

I was familiar with the terms’ menopause and the Change, but I never really knew the extent of their meanings. It’s really up to every individual woman to ask questions and stay informed. It’s super easy to get information on just about any subject in today’s world.  Ladies, this is reality. We must take care of our health, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Let’s Glean Information From Each Other

I’ve learned a lot since those days. I want to pass on to my readers, information, words of wisdom, relevant websites, and more. Some of you are just beginning the Change of life while others are in the thick of it, still, others are finally feeling a sense of normalcy. Maybe some of you knew what to expect, but I’m willing to bet many more of you were and are like me having no clue.  Here are some very good books to read on the subject of menopause and aging:

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Senior Sisters Unite

So my Senior Sisters and Golden Girls, let us uphold one another in the bonds of sisterhood. I welcome your input on any subject that may make our lives richer for having that knowledge. Let us unite and make the rest of our years the best of our years!

Caring and Sharing

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessed

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  • Juliet

    Hi Sister,
    I’m 53 and currently going through this period of change, menopause or “menostop”. Menostop is what I call it when talking about it with my friends. Somehow the hot flushes came and went. Now I feel unnecessarily tired. It’s annoying! The kids are all grown up and independent. I need to be up and about, how do I get rid of this tired feeling?

    • admin

      Hello Juliet, 

      Thanks for your comments.  That tired feeling you are experiencing does happen.  I found  out that I was iron deficient.  Doctor’s recommendation was to eat more leaf greens and other iron enriched foods.  Also be aware and check your blood pressure.  Low blood can give you that tired feeling.  

      I refuse to except what this Change does to us.  Doctors don’t have all the answers and it’s our health that is at stake.  

      Be Blessed

    • PattiB

      Even with all the good stuff I’m doing for me, I still get that tired feeling every now and then. I’m trying the plant based lifestyle.
      It seems to be working. Check out the plant based doctor’s site I’ve been following called nutritionfacts.org.

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