Wisdom From The Aged

I’ve known knowledgeable people who were able to disseminate that knowledge with wisdom. By the same token, knowledge does not mean one has wisdom. Arrogance or immaturity can block the way to wisdom. Age and experience may bring one wisdom, and if you are a wise person, how do you pass on this wisdom for the benefit of others?  Wisdom from aged is a beautiful thing.


Wisdom Is the Principal Thing

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is principal; therefore get wisdom. In all you acquire, acquire understanding.

Taken from Proverbs 4th Chapter

They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.

Taken from Psalms 92

Wisdom – Pass It On

The knowledge and experiences we obtained growing up came from our parent, then teachers, and others. Our young brains were like sponges.

I saw wisdom through the actions of my mother and how she made our lives as best she could. I can’t think of any school teacher who I received wisdom from. No disappointment here, after all, they did their job, they taught and got us out.

It wasn’t until I became an adult with a family, that I was able to appreciate my grandmother’s wisdom.  I miss her so much!

Not everyone understands the value of receiving wisdom. “A hard head make for a soft bottom” is an old saying. It means not listening to sound advice, and ignoring rules can get you into a lot of trouble or many regrets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Give Sound Wisdom

The future of the younger generation depends on the knowledge and sound wisdom within us. I really enjoyed some of the things my husband got from his grandfather. It was that old sage wisdom that made so much sense. Our mothers and grandmothers would nurse us back to health using natural remedies and “mother wit”.

How I miss and long for the wisdom and guidance of those old wise ones who are all now resting in their Sabbath.

The utter disrespect for authority and sound teaching is becoming epidemic. If only our young people understood and appreciated the value of knowledge and how priceless wisdom is.

Being a Classy Senior, I’m sure you, as have I, seen much of life and done much of life. Passing down the wisdom that we gained through living life will help others avoid pitfalls, heartaches, regrets, unnecessary risks, detrimental choices and the like.

The Wisdom of Pastor Alph Lukau

I was listening to a sermon from Alph Lukau, a Pastor/Prophet from Johannesburg, South Africa. I watch him via youtube.

He said Angels watch us to see how we relate to spiritual authority. When we are submitted to the spiritual symbolism of authority such as a Pastor – Angels are watching and waiting to work on our behalf when we are truly submitted.

The explanation Pastor Lukau gave was more intense and engaging. It took me a few minutes to understand how his scripture base fit this explanation. He went on to say that spiritual authority can also be satanic.

There was an occasion where he and his pastors went to a woman’s house to pray for her because she got caught up in demonic activity. While there, her imaged changed to reflect the demon inside her. The pictures she had on a table of her ritualist leader literally raised up and began to float around her. The pastors that were with Pastor Lukau eventually made their way to the door and out, but they continued to look through the window praying for Pastor Lukau (he chuckled as he told this part).

The Devil Don’t Play

Pastor walked over to the table and noticed a fixture like bric-a-brac. It was small, but when he picked it up, it felt like it weighed a ton. It was demonic. He rebuked the spirit in that house.

The Pastor  continued speaking and admonished the people to serve God and to submit to their spiritual authority. If you are under a pastor, mentor, or the like, submit as unto God’s representative. Even a small thing like bric-a-brac can be demonic. He was powerful and full of godly wisdom.

Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding, will foil the plans of the enemy of our souls. Even when people, places, and things appear to be innocent and non threatening, the holy spirit will give us a warning or even block the demonic activity.

I rejoiced over his message of knowledge and wisdom and he gave me a determination to do what was right.  I received his Wisdom.

Getting caught up in situations where danger is unseen, makes it of the utmost importance to pray for guidance and protection every day.

Wisdom Cries Out

  • Brain over brawn
  • Wisdom is more valuable than silver and gold
  • Nothing can compare to having Wisdom
  • Long life, riches and honor are with Wisdom
  • The way of Wisdom is pleasant and her paths are peace

Knowledge needs wisdom and wisdom seeks knowledge. Wisdom is there for the asking, when asked in faith. Wisdom is crying out in the streets to anyone who will take hold of her and preserve her.

Ask God for Wisdom, He gives to all and does not find fault.

To the wise Classy Senior Sisters, pass down your knowledge and wisdom whether they hear it or not. In the end, maybe when they are at a crossroad in life, your words will come through straight to the heart.

So how do we pass down our wisdom: prayer, action, and words that are seasoned and full of Grace.

This Sound Like a Wonderful Thing To Do

I came across this interesting item.  It’s a history builder for parents and grandparents to write down their knowledge of years gone by in their personal lives.  This is a downloadable “life story handbook”

I wanted to make this available to my readers.


(I bring awesome products to my readers and I may earn on qualifying purchases…it’s and win-win)

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

PattiB, the Classy Senior

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