Women’s Under Clothes

What we wear under our clothes is just as important as what we wear when covering our bodies. Many of us are not as firm as we used to be which means, we have a little jiggle here, some sagging there, and a pooch in the mid section.

Actually, I was being kind. Nothing says Class like an outfit that fits and looks graceful on a woman of a mature nature without all the bulges. Let’s talk about the things that lift, tuck, and shape in women’s under clothes.

Wear A Bra

Bras with an underwire give lift and support when you feel like you need it most. If your cup size is on the smaller side, they can create cleavage, and if you have a larger cup size, underwire is rigid and structured enough to keep your breasts from causing pain when you move.

Wearing an underwire bra that doesn’t fit perfectly can lead to neck and back pain, which I did not know. Many years ago, I listened to a television show that featured a female doctor who said that it was not healthy to wear an underwire bra. I cannot remember her medical reasoning, but since then, I try to only purchase wireless bras.

The debate is still open as to whether or not underwires are a health risk.  I tend to prefer wireless bras even without the health debate.

Some of us need the type of bra that allows you to completely adjust the strap from front to back, and not just half the strap. Bras should be purchased in the basic colors (black, white, beige) then on to the reds, and other colors.

We should have front closure, push-up, long line, sports/sleep bras in our arsenal of delicates.

Lace bras are so pretty. You get an aura of feeling sexy knowing you’re wearing lace underwear. Black lace and red lace and even white lace are the ultimate sexy colors in lace underwear.


I could never understand how some women could wear jeans with no panties. I must wear panties, or I’ll feel totally ill at ease, but that’s just me. Those are my personal feelings, not judging.

Some younger Senior ladies may be happy to know that panties for your period time of the month are available. I never knew about period panties until recently, now I don’t care. Underwear styles are very lovely. They can make you feel some kind of way, which is a good thing

You can go with lace, bikini, g-string, cut out, and my favorite, practical. I don’t like my bikini to roll under my belly, and the g-string panties look uncomfortable. It’s all personal preference.

What is a Spanx – Isn’t That a Girdle?

Womens Plus Size Power Conceal-Her¿ Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

In my view, a spanx is a girdle.  Whatever you choose to call it, it is designed to hold in certain parts of the body.

As a young married lady, I started wearing a girdle after having children. I was told that it help to hold in the stomach muscles.

It held in my stomach as long as I was wearing the girdle, however, due to the lack of exercise, the girdle really didn’t help much in building muscles, only physical manipulation of the muscles can do that.

The main difference between Spanx and girdle is that the spanx is light shapewear but with the same hold of a girdle.

A girdle can take a few wears before it starts to feel comfortable but because the spanx is lighter, it may not have that same uncomfortable feeling.

For those women who don’t wear or don’t need to wear either, I hate you and I envy you (that was a compliment). I have both spanx and girdle, but the problem I have with spanx, is that it rolls down when sitting.

Another problem that I’m finding with spanx or girdle or any product, is that you cannot satisfy everyone. While my spanx works for me, it simply doesn’t work for others. I’ve listed a few with the best reviews.

Waist Cincher


I am so glad I invested in a waist cincher. Talk about a “Mae West” figure…WoW! The only downside to the cincher is that I can’t wait to take it off when I get home. It really pulls your waist in. Some cinchers come with shoulder straps.

B0723GC3TC click here

Besides using a cincher, you may also be interested in the “tummy trimmer”. I have not personally tried one, but I think I will give this a try.

Are Slips Outdated?

Women's Adjustable Spaghetti Straps Long Cami Slip Dress

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Not for me they aren’t. Picture it—You have on a dress…in front of you the light is shaded, in back of you the sun hits you in such a way that you can see through your dress, thus seeing a silhouette of your figure. For some ladies, this can be embarrassing, but for others, there is no embarrassment, only confidence in their awesome figure.

OK…so my legs and thighs are shapely, I still prefer modesty. It seems that I’m not alone in preferring to wear a slip. I think it’s a generational thing. Older women still wear slips, girdles, bras, and panties.

Last But Not the Least

At my church, the women are encouraged to dress in modest apparel. A few years ago that meant wearing clothing that covered some of your arms, dresses below the knee, wearing foundation, and always wear nylons or pantyhose.

As a new generation grew up, dresses and skirts became shorter, dresses and blouses had no sleeves, sometimes there were no shoulders at all (off shoulder) no slips, and definitely no nylons or pantyhose. This change of dress style was sported by the 1st Lady of the church, down to the bench warmer who sat on the back row. Time brings about a change.

Classy Senior Sisters, what are your thoughts on this subject?  Leave a comment below.

Be Blessed Everyone and Be a Blessing

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  • Felicia Lee

    What’s under your clothes is an excellent blog and I don’t think a lot of people recognize their importance. Sometimes I get lazy until I look in the mirror and realize I better not leave home without them.?

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